New painting....

While I was in Adelaide we visited an Art and Craft Market where we looked at some artwork by Grant Young. The pieces were beautiful and I couldn't help myself and I bought a painting of a still life (flowers). Below is our lounge room and the painting is above the lounge suite (1 x 1m). Tristan and Caius both love it, in particular Caius - he loves the texture and layering of painting (this is what attracted me to the work). And it still smells like the acrylic painting.
This is the garden beds I have been working in this weekend. I planted lavender x 3, curry plant x 3, daisies (yellow, coral and purple) x 3 + another flowering plant (x 4) which I can't remember the name of! Then mulched it all. I have also ordered 100 Autumn bulbs!!! AND now it is raining which will give everything a good watering.
The lavender is doing so well this year - so good that I have planted 3 more (Italian Lavender).

Did you know that it is 8 weeks to Christmas??!! and 9 weeks to the end of 2009.
I will have to start thinking about gift buying - Tristan is easy, he just wants money so he can buy computer "stuff".



  1. Your wall space is big enough for it. Glad it suits
    LL S


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