Part 4: My trip to the Barossa

Whilst in Adelaide Stephen and Lorraine took me on a trip to the Barossa Valley - I had requested this destination as I wanted to take some photos and there was no shortage of things of wonderful views and buildings. Being the end of winter and with good rains in the Hills, the Barossa was beautiful - so green and lush as you will see in the photos.

The first stop was at the Hoffnungsthal Memorial (near Lyndoch) which was the early settlement of about 20 German families (who left their homelands to escape religious persecution). It started in 1847 and the village survived until 1856 when Hoffnungsthal was flooded and the families moved elsewhere in South Australia. One of these families one was mine (my fathers fathers family). There is now nothing left of the town except this memorial.

(Photo below) This is where the town of Hoffnungsthal (which means "Valley of Hope") was until it flooded. The settlers didn't know that they had built their homes on a lake that only filled in heavy rain. As you can see most of the trees are now gone (painting above). I wonder what it must have been like living here - very cold in winter and hot in summer and in the middle of nowhere - so very different to their previous homes in Germany. Many young babies died in those early years - the list on the side of the memorial are those who died - many are women and children.
Stephen and Lorraine in front of a May Bush at one of the wineries we visited.
Another winery - as you can see, I didn't pay much attention to the names of the wineries. This one had a lovely ornamental garden and fountain.This horse was watching us drive up the road, so on the way back from the look-out I asked Stephen to stop so could take a photo. It seemed quite interested in what I was up to. Probably broke its boredom.

Lorraine at the top of the look-out (that gives really great views of the Barossa) - it was very windy and cold.
This photo was taken from the Look-out. Lots of sheep about.

This is the first winery we visited and I know it's name as it is clearly written on the front of the building (Chateau Yaldara). It was a lovely building, but I was most interested in the small side building with had windows that looked very rustic (see above).

All in all it was a lovely outing and thankyou very much S&L for taking me. And it was so good to see it so green.


  1. Grant Burge Winery - with the fountain.
    Look out is on the Trial Hill road
    A correction: Father's Father's family came to Hoffnungsthal, I don't think the Mother's family did.
    It was a pleasure.
    LL S

  2. I realized my error when I was in the shower this morning??


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