Part 1 of my trip to Adelaide

I arrived in Adelaide on Friday 2nd October at 7:30am (after getting up at 3:30am) - it was a long day!! After spending a few hours with my uncle and aunt (catching up all the family news), my dad came and picked me up and we drove to the Adelaide Hills (an hour trip). Had lunch and then started on my first task - cleaning out my mum's wardrobe and getting rid of all the clothes she can no longer wear since her stroke. All in all we filled 4 large garbage bags which my dad will take to the charity store. Mum was a bit sad throwing away so much - and even dreamt about it that night! (I found 3 skirts that fitted me perfectly).

Saturday - wet, cold, misty and cold (didn't really pack enough for the wintry conditions)!!! Stephen stoked the wood fire and we spent much of the day indoors. However Lobethal (where I was staying - which means "Valley of Praise") was celebrating the 70th anniversary of the 1939 Australian Grand Prix (which raced through the main street of the town) and a large number of old racing cars were re-enacting this event. We went for a walk (visited the local arts and craft market) and watch a bit of the race before returning home to get warm.

In the evening we drove into Adelaide to a 80th surprise birthday party (Auntie Dorothy's) - it was a lovely evening (photos below) with her 3 sisters and youngest brother telling very funny stories about their sister and putting on a little performances (they got all dressed up!!). The cake had a photo of the old yellow beetle car the A. Dorothy drove for years . A.D was thrilled with it!!!

Great to catch up with Jenny, Phil, Jerema and Grant and cute little Reuben.


  1. If Adelaide fails to reach 19 degrees on Friday this will be the city's coldest start to the month in 62 years. - From Weatherzone, and today, being Friday, it peaked around 17.5, so you managed to come to the coldest October start for a long time!!

  2. Like the changes to your blog. The header picture setup etc is great. Great to read this first insalment of your time in Adelaide and see the pics!


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