This and that

On Saturday I got Tristan to cut back the mint we have growing in the garden (and I have quite a lot) and as he loves to cook he was quite happy to oblige. He made a big jar of mint sauce - he was going to make mint jelly (which I prefer) but it was a bit tricky - maybe next time.

My garden is looking great - so full of colour, like the daisies below. I have lots of these in pinks, purple and white as they grew so easy, cope with drought and frost + add so much colour. They also spread and pop up in other places and I just love it when plants naturalise.
The lavender this year is looking great - must be the rains we had in spring. I am so pleased with it I am going to buy some more plants on the weekend and fill up some empty gaps. The bees are very happy.
I have been meaning to put the following pictures up - they are from a walk Steven and I did around a local lake a few Sundays ago.

Steven sat down at the edge of the lake and all these birds raced to see him. They were disappointed as they were expecting food and we didn't have any. They were very friendly so lots of people must feed them regularly.

Modern art - public art in the lake. They are meant to make sounds and move in the wind. Neither were occurring when we were at the lake. The question is: a good use of public money or a waste of money?
A view along the lake - I have played with this photo using Photoshop (plus the one above).
An update on Gaia - his ear has recovered and no more blood flying about. He has been so good and at no stage has he attempted to remove the bandage off the bottom of his ear (which must be annoying).