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The other day I was reading the new "Get up and Go" document (link below) (guidelines for parents and carers) and how to bring up your children eg nutrition, exercise, play, sleep etc... (I think the aim is to reduce obesity). The first thing I thought was - how did my parents manage to bring up 4 children without such a guide and amazingly they knew what a nutritious meal looked like and how important getting outside and playing was - eg using ones imagination. It got me wondering if modern parents need this sort of guideline??? The answer is probably yes based on the statistics below on the use of the TV - however would those parents who use the TV as a baby sitter reading this guide any way?? And those doing the right thing don't need it at all.

What was scary was the research the government undertook: children as young as 4 months were watching 44 mins of TV a day ( I wonder if they understood what they were watching), children under 4 were watching at least 4 hours per day and in nearly 1/3 of households with children had the TV on ALL day.

This is Caius playing his new birthday Guitar (LTD Deluxe) which we bought from Canada (via eBay) - it cost less than 1/2 what it would have cost in Australia - even with the exchange rate. It was posted in Canada on the 26th of October and arrived at our front door on the 29th October - I was very impress with the speed of the delivery. Caius is over the moon - and I must admit it does sound much better than his cheaper electric guitar.
These photos Caius took - I wanted one of my "new" skirt that my mother gave me when I was cleaning out her wardrobe. I bought a new T-shirt to go with it - I think it looks lovely.

I do hope all my reader have a lovely week. Mine will be extra nice as we have a public holiday on Tuesday (Family and Community day it is called)
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