My day in a nutshell.....

I awake to the sound of 2 Dobermans banging on the back door wanting to go for their early morning walk.  Its 5:45 and they have just beaten the radio coming on – they always do.  Steven gets up and I cover my head with the doona and go back to sleep – well not really – but I manage to doze until 6:15 and reluctantly crawl out of bed – I hate getting up early which is why I love weekends.

I get to work by 7:30, I pass through security - my lunchbox goes through the scanner at security and on most occasions it tips over and when  it contains salad with beetroot everything turns red – which never impresses me!  I slowly walk (up 2 flights of stairs) to my office.  The first thing I do is put the kettle on then turn the computer on.  I grab my breakfast bowl and make breakfast (I have a range of cereals so I can have variety – I could also set up a breakfast club!).  Whilst eating I read the local papers (all part of my job thank-you). 

Work can now commence.  I might have to respond to any type of topic (social statistics) under the sun – at the moment is it workplace deaths.  Did you know that 5,500 people die every day from accidents or disease directly related to their work.  I know I should have stayed home in bed.  That adds to over 2 million people world wide each year.

Lunch today was at 1:00 - I take an hours break and relax with my salad and book.  We have beautiful formal gardens and court yards where I work so I often sit outside and listen to the birds singing.  It doesn't feel like a place of work.

Today is Remembrance Day (remembering those soldiers that have died in World War I), so at 11:00am there is a minutes silence.

As the clock approaches 4:20 I eagerly (but not eager to look as if I am trying to run out of the building) pack my bags, turn off the computer and head off home.  Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy my work - I do it by choice so it is important to find a career that is both interesting and diverse. This one certainly is.

After the usual home activities (cleaning up the house which takes only a few moments, - which involves picking up my sons things that have been spread all over the house, wash the clothes and making dinner) I put my feet up and relax for the evening – talk to the animals, reading, watch a little TV and check my emails/blogs.  Its been a hot day – not that I would know as I have been indoors all day (33C – 91F) – the summer weather is a little early as it is still spring.  But I am enjoying wearing my new summer skirts that I have bought from eBay (bargains, if I say so myself).  I water the pots in the garden so they don’t wilt – in particular my apple tree which is covered in tiny apples.

Bedtime (at 10:30) – it has cooled down and I will certainly be ready for bed, but I might read for a little while – trying to finish my book (“Cleo” by Helen Brown).

Good night, sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bit (as I use to say to my son).

Tomorrow the Gaia - the dog - goes to the vet for an operation so a late start to work and finally I can sleep in until 7:15am


  1. Two things:
    When I pack beetroot, I wrap it well in cling wrap, and thus the purple part stays with the vege!!
    Who is the picture of - top of this entry, and who painted it please?
    Have a nice day - we are having another 39C day today, and it is yet to be SUMMER!!

    LL S


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