Rambles from me

I am not going to write much as I am too tried and want to go to bed early tonight. (after my cup of Jasmine tea).  It has been a very busy week with my clients wanting lots of stuff  now!!  As Parliament sits next week it is bound to get busier.

The weather has been warm to hot all week - however think of my family in Adelaide who have had over 35C-39C (95-102F) all week, making it officially a heatwave - now that is hot. So I won't grumble at our 33C (91F).

After work today I officially started my Christmas shopping and bought 3 books for Caius (he doesn't read this so he won't know!!).  Both sons have given me lists - ranging from cheap to expensive - at least I have enough to select from, however I think they think they will get everything on the list! (lol).

So bed time is calling so good night from me.

PS - a story on our News this week about an iceberg spotted off Mcquarie Island - its 500 metres long and 50 metres high (from the waterline) - just image how much is under the water (7/8th)! Its breaking up, so now becoming a danger to shipping. What a sight.