Christmas shopping

13 days to go.........

Very happy with myself - I have sent all my Christmas cards and this afternoon I finished my Christmas shopping (well, not quite, but only 3 gifts to buy).  I have also wrapped all the gifts, so my teenage and adult children don't try and sneak a peak!! 

The only thing left to do is put up the Christmas tree - my sons, who I thought had outgrown Christmas Trees, said I had been slack.........

May you all have a WONDERFUL weekend - mine is looking very good - trip to the garden shop (one of my favourite places), grocery shopping (not so favourite), then home to put my feet up with a book (I might squeeze in some housework and washing).  The weather we have been promised sounds beautiful: 28C (82F) on Saturday and 30C (86F) on Sunday - so some of my book reading will occur outdoors.

 And Happy Birthday to my dad, who has a birthday on Saturday.


  1. You sound so organized... good for you! Have a wonderful weekend! :)


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