A very late night last night - no we weren't celebrating New Years Eve - (we had quiet celebrations and watch a DVD) we were sitting with the dogs who were completely unimpressed with the fireworks going off in our street (illegal fireworks) and wouldn't go to sleep.  Gaia just wanted to bark at all the noise (which we couldn't let him do as responsible dog owners!) and Brenin banged endlessly on the back screen door.  Who can sleep through all that noise.

It went on until 1:00am this morning - then the sun rose at 5 something and woke me up.  Very unimpressed on my first day of 2010.  However I did enjoy an afternoon sleep - but being hot I woke up with a woolly head :)!!

And now it is 11:00pm and I can't stop yawning so I better go to bed. 

So good night all...

But before I go..

here are a couple of photos

I have been playing around with tonight....



  1. Beautiful photos. I was in bed before midnight on New Years Eve. I was so tired the fireworks didn't even keep me awake and I have a dog that could sleep through a hurricane, oh wait, she has! LOL


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