The etiquette of queuing.

I queue all the time and I rarely meet another person who is rude in queues.  However in Britain it appears that new immigrants need to be taught - it isn't a skill that all countries are taught from birth.  The art of queuing is to be made part of the citizenship test for immigrants to Britain, unveiled recently.  Foreigners applying to settle in Britain will have to learn about the practice of forming a line for everything from buses to sandwiches.

So in case you don't know the correct queuing etiquette I have listed them below.  They will be useful if you ever immigration to the UK.
  • Be patient. Remember that everyone is in the same boat, so avoid displays of exasperation or aggression.
  • Be aware of other people's personal space and don't stand too close to the person in front of you.
  • Even in the most disorganised of queues, there will still be an unspoken order.
  • Where there is one queue for multiple till points, pay attention; don't hold up the queue by failing to notice when it's your turn.
  • If there are lots of queues, take your pick - but if you choose badly, accept the fact that some will move faster than others.
  • If you are unsure how the queue is working, avoid accidentally barging in by asking the person who seems to be last in line.
  • If you are required to stand back and wait your turn, don't move forward until the person in front of you has finished. Never try to hurry them along.
  • Have all relevant documents to hand and ensure you can locate your wallet quickly to avoid holding people up.
  • If you realise you've forgotten something, don't ask the person behind you to save your place; you will most likely make them feel uncomfortable. Join the back of the line instead.


  1. We lived in England, and yes, the people are very polite. I didn't know there were "queue rules," though! How nice to read all that!

  2. There are no queue rules in Romania. All of us were lined up, but still people kept barging to the front - so rude - why did the rest of us bother to queue?


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