It's Friday

FRIDAY is here .......what else can I say ........

I have had such a busy week, but I concluded that even though it was busy and challenging, the time buzzed by quickly and I met all my deadlines.  As a result I feel like I have achieved something.

I try and learn something new every day - this week I most certainly did.  I can now read Government budget papers (ok, a bit dull and not something I really would do for pleasure), and I  know more about gun related crimes (they are on the decline but still being used far to often).   Ok not riveting stuff but it keeps my brain active.

Warning: To those of you who are not cat people, the following photos may not be of interest.....
We no longer need to use fly spray in the house  - we now have an environmental solution - Ruby - she is a great fly catcher - this is her trying to catch on the window.  I sometimes find wings and bodies separated, but I don't think she does that on purpose - I hope not.

Next I will teach her to round up the spiders (I almost put my hand on a huntsman spider {huge} on Tuesday night - freaked me out and I made lots of noise and hand waving)!!
If I open my cupboard and don't close it quickly, someone little climbs in - and it can be quite tricky getting her out!!  She knows her dry food is kept in this cupboard and it doesn't take her long to find it!  She could learn to feed herself.

Ruby was sitting on my desk and stopping me from working so I gave her my ribbons to play with.
This is my desk - can you see Ruby?  She is under the shelf lying on top of the scanner.  She goes there to hide.  Right now she is sleeping in her little bed right next to me - its like having a baby in the house!!

This cute little thing was naughty this morning.  I got out my cardigan to wear and placed it on the bed.  When I turned my back for a few moments and then returned to pick up the cardigan it had gone.  I hunted for ages looking for it.  Tonight Steven found it - at the other end of the house behind the cabinet in the lounge room.  Ruby had stolen it:)

That's it from me - off to have a cup of jasmine tea and a muffin ........