Just wondering

This is a photo of my mum (front) and her older sister Joan, taken in the later half of the 1940's.
 Mum was in her mid teens (the youngest of 6 children).

* Questions *

1. Would you prefer to be a teenager in the 1940's or today - why?

2. If you were transported back to the 1940's - what items of modern times would have take back - things you couldn't live without?


  1. Wow, what a wonderful photo to have of your Mother. I would MUCH rather have been a teen in the 40's...no doubt! Reasons: clothing, hairstyles, music!, manners, respectful relationships, purity, good clean fun.
    What would I absolutely have to take back with me? Hmmmm....my hubby! :)

  2. Interesting questions...that I fear I will contemplate for much too long. I would probably go back, though I would hope for the late 1940s, when the war was over. I wonder if it would be as fun, though, if the 40s were your reality. One can only be romantic about the past when it has already passed....not when the past is a present reality. Does that make sense?

    If I did go, I'd want to take my education....it would have been much harder for me to get the college degrees I have today at that time. While I must admit that I wouldn't mind staying at home today (I work full time), I like that I have the option to work, unlike many women of that era.

    To be honest, though (I told you I would this too much about this!) I can also think of many reasons not to go back - polio, rationing, the Cold War (which would start soon), the ongoing recovery from the Great Depression. It makes my longing for 1940s clothes, etc. seem rather shallow, I'm afraid.

    Lovely picture, by the way. Your mum was a beautiful young lady.

  3. What a great photo to have! I love the skirts, too. I was just telling a friend of mine that I love to wear dresses and skirts, but don't do it enough!

    This was neat, Jo!

  4. What a wonderful photo! Yes, the 1940's definitely. I believe there were fewer things like drugs and not as much immorality.

    Of course, if I were a minority, like African-American or whatever, I suppose I would choose the present, because I couldn't even vote back then! And, like another commenter said, I would want the war to be over! Sigh...if a period in time would have been good for you, it would have been bad for somebody else.

    To take back to the past? My microwave, I think, pantyhose, and my computer.

  5. I think I would definitely prefer to have been a teenager back then than now. I wish the world had the integrity and decency it had back then. These days life has barely any dignity, integrity or decency. The war would not have been a good part of that era though...


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