Monday Musings: Garden flowers

Tonight's group of photos are flowers from my garden.  With summer two months in, plants are beginning to look rather sad - desperate for a good shower of rain - we may get something on Thursday or Friday as a result of Cyclone Olga up north - otherwise I will keep on watering and they will hold on until the heat reduces and Autumn rains arrive. Rain would be very welcome to us humans to - we haven't see much this summer and everything is looking very dry and dusty.

The top photo is of the hydrangea which has just finished flowering - they hate the heat and need to be watered every night - but considering all that this particular shrub flowered very well.  The next 2 photos are of a Cosmos flower - in full bloom and at the end of its life.  Even in death it still has some beauty.
This last flower is from the agapanthu - all my agapanthu have done very well this year with heaps of bloom - last year they hardly flowered for some reason.  This was taken after I had finished watering.

PS The rose in the entry below is also from my garden - taken around 4 years ago.  The rose shrub has since died which is very sad as it produced beautiful flowers.


  1. Jo, I have to giggle as I type this. I began reading your post and thinking..summer? Heat? Oh! You're in Australia!!! :) LOL...I had forgotten. :)
    Your flowers are lovely, I love to garden as well, and roses and Cosmos are two of my favorites; roses for their beauty, cosmos for both their beauty and easy habit! :)
    Lovely photos. :)

  2. Jo - your flowers are so lovely. we are in the midst of winter here and I am so very miserable. Your flowers give me hope--


  3. Ah, we have those little purple ones too and I never knew what they were actually called.

    What a beautiful burst of color in an otherwise very white season here.


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