Movie review: Julia & Julia

I finally watched the movie "Julie & Julia" on DVD last night and thoroughly enjoyed it - a nice, non violent movie with a few laughs.

I had read the book by Julia Powell (who wrote Julie & Julia: 365days and 524 recipes) who, as a huge fan of Julie Childs, author of the book Art of French Cooking, decided to dedicate a year to cooking the entire french cook book ie 524 recipes in 365 days (not all goes well, in particular the cooking of the lobster). The book is worth reading on its own.

The movie was a combination of both Julie Childs (Julia_Child) life as a cook and the blogging of Julia (a New Yorker) and switches between the two characters (and not in an annoying way) and the eras they lived in.  However I am not a huge fan of Meryl Streep (except in Mama Mia) and at times she was a little annoying  - and over the top but maybe Julia Childs was a little like this.

This is quite amusing 

After watching this movie I was tempered to cook one of the dishes - boeuf bourfuignon and it tasted wonderful with its bottle of red wine!!  But not something you can whip up in a couple of minutes!!


  1. Did you cook the boeuf bourguignon or was that a wish and they said it tasted wonderful?

    I have done a something close to this in my usual not quite following the recipe, it was very rich, but very nice, and slow cook appears to be the best way to get a real tender dish, but you can't use a cheap bottle of wine (less than $10 unless it is a clean skin of something good)
    I got some caramelised onion jam today (Lobethal Markets of all places). It was a little pricey but very good on roast lamb as a condiment.

  2. Yes I made it and it took ages but tasted great! Jo

  3. Juidth and I watched Julia and Julia last night - we very much enjoyed it, but unlike our siblings do not cook any thing like the movie or Stephen for that matter - David

  4. Oh! LOLOLOLOLOL...that was a hilarious clip!!!!! Oh my! Kinda reminded me of ME in the kitchen, mashing everything down in that dish, LOL

  5. Oh that was funny. They did some great editing! LOL!


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