Random photos

The 2 photos below where taken last Sunday after we had received 130mm of rain.  This is quite a small creek normally, but as you can see it is very full and overflowing.  It took a day to reduce back to its normal size.

You may wonder why I took a photo of my food cupboard - its the sardines I was sharing with you. We buy LOTS of sardines - but non of us eat them!!  Horrible smelly things!!  They are bought for the dogs - they have 2 cans a day - it helps improve their skin and fur.  They are now so use to the fish that when we run out they complain about eating their dinner.  The sales person in the supermarket can't usually help themselves and want to know who is eating all that fish!!
I love this photo - it wasn't set up at all - I had finished reading the book and a little while later I found Ruby lying next to it. 


  1. Wow,that's quite a bit of rain, eh? :) I feed my girlie sardines too, only just as a treat on Friday, not sure why I picked that day, but that's what she gets. :)

  2. Wow, I bet it's a bit intimidating to see the creek rise like that.
    Love the cat photo on the book! LOL!

    I'm excited about you getting your first Gooseberry Patch book. My favorites are the Christmas series. Particularly this one.



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