Beautfying potholes

Found these photos on a website and thought they were funny (taken in Britain) - especailly at the moment with all the potholes we have around town (after the rains). They (the roads people) don't seem to be able to make roads that last even one heavy downpour - it can't be that hard to make roads that don't fall apart all the time - the Romans managed the make roads without all our modern technology and they have lasted for centuries. My local street has a number of potholes that are "patched" up on a regular basis - even the mending falls apart quickly.   How pretty our roads and streets would look with this mini gardens!!


  1. So this is what we should do to highlight the obvious? Do you think we would get quicker action? It could be an interesting experiment! I have a hole just up the street a little that could do with a little beautifying =) Too bad the ground is so hard to get to these days =)

  2. Jo-
    I have your pound cake recipe ready for you. Can I e-mail it to you, or should I just leave it as a comment here?

  3. That is so cute! I might have to go searching for a pothole just to do that! :)

  4. Jo - this made me laugh out loud! I am sending all my friends over to look at this idea! Too funny!!



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