The sea

What a morning.......

The sort that things don't got quite to plan........

Got up at 6:3am to drive my husband to the bus stop (10 mins trip) but before we left he noticed 2 screws in the front passenger tyre, fortunately they were so tightly in that no air was escaping,  but it always make me nervous as I dislike flat tyres when I am by myself (I am hopeless at changing tyres).

Dropped hubby at bus stop ..... drove home safely ..... had shower ......  got dressed (in more suitable attire) ......  took 17 year old to school (early) ..... went to tyre shop to have tyre fixed and waited 20 mins for this to be done ......  got half way home and realised that my bank key card was still at the tyre shop  ..... turned around and went back to pick it up.......finally got home .......  had breakfast and read for a little while.

Now I can relax.  I am off to have lunch with 3 friends, that should be nice.  

So to return to a calm relaxing state I thought I would post some "sea" photos I took whilst I was away.  Enjoy.

Top end of Broulee Breach - where a small creek runs into the bay.  I loved the reflection.
Surf Beach (north of Broulee) - a very pretty beach in a small cover, the water was warm and the sand very soft. 
A very long stretch of beach near Broulee, the waves were high (see below) and the surfers were all out trying to "catch a wave" - most fell off their boards.  The beach was beautiful and went for miles.  I could have walked much further, but my husband didn't have the same passion regarding this beach as I had (he likes quiet beaches!).
I didn't have my Canon SLR with me on this outing so it was difficult to catch the movement with the baby Canon.  The waves just crashed down on the beach, wouldn't want to swim in this one. However people were (including children), no wonder we have so many sea drownings as it had no life guards.
Sea gulls at Surf Beach
Footsteps in the sand
 Narooma Bay - the estuary
A boat in the harbour at Narooma

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  1. Jo, I do so miss the sea, but we are almost 100 kilometres inland, so I don't sea it often.

    I love the photo of the surf crashing in on the seashore. :)

    Have a wonderful and blessed week,
    Jillian ♥

  2. Dearest Jo - Don't you just hate days like that? I had one similar yesterday - felt like the whole day was a wash - so frustrating!

    On a calmer and way better note - your beach pictues are stunning. I love them all and just looking at them takes my blood pressure down 10 points!

  3. Yes, stunning beachy pics. I know you must be way south of us. We were at the beach today and though it is still magnificent we NEVER get waves like that.

  4. I love your pictures. They are so beautiful. What a nicely designed blog too. Thank you for stopping by my blog and following me. I am now following you too!


  5. Hmmm, I think those photos are more peaceful and calm than you felt this morning!

    Happy Easter


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