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My favourite season is Autumn. . .

After the hot dry summers we have, Autumn offers balmy days and cool nights, the air has lost that heat and it is the time of the year to sit in the garden and day dream.

I love watching the trees change from green to gold when God take His paint brush to nature.  There is something magical about walking in the garden amongst the leaves, kicking them in the air with your shoes, even when you are an adult.  Watching everything prepare for winter, closing down for the next 3-5 months.  And the little shock they get at the first frost!  Almost surprised, even though it comes every year!!

Below is the pear tree next door that belongs to my lovely neighbor but I get to share in it glory as it is right next to my garden.
This is my Canadian Maple Tree - which will take 20 years to grow but I am willing to wait.  It has done very well this year growing at least 2-3 feet and with my tender loving care I am sure it will do just as well every year.  OK, I do chat to my plants, offering encouragement :)
Can you see the butterflies?  They spent all afternoon dancing in my front garden, they were beautiful to watch.  I took this last weekend, the weather was just glorious.  This is my front garden near the driveway.  The soil is very poor and only the toughest plants survive.
Isn't this a beautiful flower - the Everlasting Paper Daisy - a native of Western Australia.  What is amazing about this daisy is it feels and looks like a dried flower.   I am not sure how they will cope in our cold winters (we get lots of frosts), if it looks like it in trouble I will bring it inside for the winter.

* * * *

Every year at this time (around ANZAC Day) we get our first winters day - and tomorrow we have been promised a wet and windy day as the cold change arrives.  So out will come the jumpers and on with the heating as we farewell the sunny days of Autumn and move into winter.

* * * *


  1. Glad to hear a cold front is coming... we hit 30ºC today, and are expecting more of the same tomorrow, I think. I'm looking forward to the cold weather coming to stay for a few months at least! Like you, I love autumn - and the trees in the park next to our house have just started changing colours and dropping. Definitely a beautiful time of year! :)

  2. You have beautiful gardens Jo! I should like to enjoy a cup of tea with you, amongst your lovely plants. :)

  3. My mum used to grow the 'paper' flowers in her garden (Newcastle NSW) but I know they wouldn't do well here (Canberra).

    I love those photos of the paper daisies - so clear and bright. Your garden is lovely.

    We're heading into the really cold weather here too. After a beautiful late Autumn (except for the cold snap over Easter) we are starting to go below 20 during the day and below 5 during the nights.

  4. Your pictures are lovely Jo. Your paper daisey is what we call straw flowers and they ae my favorite. (I have a picture of mine in my new blog header~~~). Enjoy the blessed change of seasons. We are just approaching late spring now - and so happy for that - was a long and cold winter!

    Have a great weekend dear friend.

  5. Your garden must be wonderful Jo.

    Autumn is one of my favourite seasons as well and I keep reminding myself that you're on the other side of the world ... we're hoping here that spring will stay for good sooner than later with warmer temps!


  6. We get very little real Winter here, an occasional frost, not the beautiful Austumn changes of colour but the temperature is great. You have a beautufiul garden and the trees look glorious. Snuggle down for Winter now.


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