that is what I am

Thank you to Tristan (and his girlfriend) for *sharing* their cold with me.

Sore throat

Yep, I have a head cold and my head doesn't feel that great.

I have crawled out of bed to send this post (more correct rolled off the couch).

The only living thing that is pleased I am sick is my cat Ruby who has been lying on my blanket all day.

But, on the up side
I have had plenty of time to read (when not sleeping)
and very much enjoying Francine Rivers new book (Her Mother' Hope)

Bye for now
crawling back to favourite chair

* * * *
. . Words of Wisdom . .

It's what you learn after you know it all that counts.

* * * *


  1. Hi Jo,
    I am praying for healing and health for you. :)

    Love and blessings,
    Jillian ♥

  2. OH I hope you get better soon. I have a recipe for garlic tea on my blog that knocks colds right out if you start drinking it from the get go. I know it sounds weird but a cold only last 3 days in this house.

  3. Hope you recover real quick Jo! Sounds wonderful though, to curl up with a good book...

    Are you going to take the day off work tomorrow? Sounds like you should...


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