There are times I don't have a clue what to write

My days aren't always interesting

I get up - go to work - come home - eat dinner - go to bed

Today was not different

The only highlight was the delicious cheesecake we 
had at morning tea and the Tim Tams for afternoon tea
(who doesn't like Tim Tams)

What did I do at work - played with immigration detention statistics
O o o k k k  BORING. . .

Now I have a headache from looking at a computer screen
I am going to bed early to read "Bad Girls of the Bible" (Liz Curtis Higgs) which I am really enjoying

So I am off to bed with my cup of Jasmine Tea

See you all tomorrow
Bear hugs

x x x


  1. Apart from lacking the time to always write a blog post - this is one of the other reasons my blog is often left untouched... Sometimes I am totally uninspired to write anything others would consider worth reading! I always enjoy your posts - even when they are written to say you have nothing to talk about!! :) And the pictures are gorgeous :)

  2. Dear Jo - not all days are "post worthy" that is so true - but each day is a blessing - that I know for sure. I love the pictures of your son - than and now! He is a handsome boy! That cheesecake looks awsome - would go straight to my butt - so better stay away from that! I am intriqued by the book you are reading - think I will check about that one! You are an interesting person in so many ways - I love that you are always thinking!


  3. I know what you mean...some days are a repeat of each other. I was reading your post thinking 'I do the same' then nearly fell over with the figures comment. My DH is working at the coal face of those IDC figures! small world eh?

  4. Hi Jo,
    Cheesecake and Tim Tams - now that would be the highlight of anyone's day!

    I loved the cartoon mouse looking at the computer screen, but I am so sorry that you have a headache.

    Love the bearhug, too! :D

    Have a wonderful weekend,
    Love and blessings, Jillian ♥

  5. Jo, I posted a comment on this post the other day... but I can't see it?? Did it not come through?

  6. Jo, I posted a comment on this post the other day... but I can't see it?? Did it not come through?

  7. Dear Amanda,

    This is really strange - if you look down the side at the "Recent Comments" you will see your comment and when you click on it, the message appears - but if you look at the comments above it isn't there. I can't explain it at all. Did you see that your last message appears twice?

    I have copied it into this message. I knew I had read it but just couldn't see it.

    God Bless - JO

    Amanda said...

    You have beautiful gardens Jo! I should like to enjoy a cup of tea with you, amongst your lovely plants. :)
    April 23, 2010 11:35 PM

  8. Dear Jo,

    No, I posted another message. I could see the garden one, but not the other one I posted. It was about enjoying your posts etc.

    Never mind, perhaps I did something amiss.

    Will come back and try to rewrite it lol.

    Yes my comment repeated because it said I didnt put the verification word in right. So I redid it, but it still posted it the first time (even though I got the verification wrong)! Technology lol!!


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