Bus tickets

Now, you must be wondering what this blog entry will be about - what can a girl write about bus tickets!!

For 30 years from the 1960's to the 1980's in the City of Adelaide (in the state of South Australia, Australia) all bus, tram and train tickets carried a slogan (through/verse) with between 920,00 and 990,00 travellers reading these every day.

These were not any sort of slogan - they were compiled by Kenneth Leal, a retired Christian business man. Mr Leal had an idea - place a thought or slogan on the back of each ticket to cheer people up as they travelled their life's journey.   Many carried a Christian message of hope and encouragement and travellers would write to Mr Leal expressing their gratitude for his comforting words.  Some found inspiration at a dark moment, others were challenged by the words and some made people laugh.  

Isn't this a great story of one mans idea to spread happiness and the word of God.

Sadly by the 1980's this came to an end, I wondered as I read the book "Talking Tickets" by Dorothy O'Neil (who compiled all the thoughts) if it could happen today - someone would complain about the Christian message. However I think most people would find comfort in the words.

The tickets that emerged as favourites were:

  • God estimated us not by the position we are in but by the way we fill it.
  • The reward of a thing well done is to have done it.
  • Mud slinging is lost ground.
  • Two heads are better than one.  Kissing goes to prove it.
And, the best loved of all

  • Whatever awaits you around the corner, God is already there.
 From time to time I will post other uplifting and encouraging thoughts from Mr Leal.


  1. A good word is like a cup of cold water!

  2. I might have been young, but I remember those!! I think I might have even saved a few in my collection of items from my childhood! I wouldn't have a clue exactly where they were, but I'm almost sure they are in a sealed box somewhere :) What an amazing thing that the best loved one had God in it. I suppose it's not too surprising in one way because of the Christian revival in the 1960s-70s - God was more acceptable then. :)

  3. Oh I love that last one.
    When we lived in St. Cloud Florida, there was a water tower with a cross on the top of it that lit up at night. It had been there for many many years. One day a woman just passing through complained about it, took it to court and had it removed.
    The WHOLE town was so upset, yet they couldn't do ANYTHING about it. I still get sad when I look at the water tower and see the cross gone.
    Have a most excellent day my friend.

  4. I love that last one too!
    Yes, you are right, I don't think it could be done in this day and age unfortunately:(
    Thanks for visiting my blog recently and for your lovely comments:)

  5. What a fantastic idea and a great way to lift people up on their journey!
    It would be interesting to see if it would work today.
    Thanks for your recent visit to my blog and lovely comment.

  6. I love the quotes/sayings... especially the mudslinging one.


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