A very bleak Saturday with grey skies and rain.  My only outing this morning was to do the groceries.  It can be tricky holding the umbrella whilst loading up the car with groceries.  I try and avoid getting my hair wet, as it is curly and goes slightly (I think more than slightly) wild looking after it gets wet.  It is almost impossible to control curly hair when there is moisture in the air.  It has a mind of its own.

Once home I decide the best thing to do in the rain (I wasn't in the rain of course!) was to cook, so I made:
  • Beef and red wine casserole (which I will freeze - enough for 2 meals)
  • Lamb shank casserole (which I will also freeze to eat later in the week)
  • Lamb and tomato masala (a spicy Indian type disk) - which we are having tonight for dinner
  • Creamy rice pudding (mmmmm, so delicious - for dessert)
Whilst these meals were cooking I watch part of a DVD and then fell alseep whilst listening to some beautiful classical music (cello).  Once I have finished writing this, I am off to have a cup of Jasmine tea and read for a while.

Is there a nicer way to spend a rainy Saturday?


  1. I was supposed to be escaping for a night away on my own - a break I desperately need right now. First time my HB has had a free weekend in months and he offered it to me!! But then when it was so wet and the forecast was for wild weather he said he didn't want me driving anywhere. I agreed. Besides, the little girls were almost hysterical at the thought of Mummy going away for one night! Oh well, maybe when they are all in their teens I may get a relaxing Saturday?

  2. the shopping doesn't sound like fun - I hate shopping in the rain! My hair also goes wild and fuzzy when it is wet; I know what you mean!!
    The cooking sounds fun and productive!! :)

  3. Clara - I had rain running down my back - no, not fun at all! And I had to be careful that the bottom of my skirt didn't get wet in the puddles!

    Mum-me - there does come a time when you have time to your self and then you won't know what to do with it!! However now that my sons are all grown up, I miss those earlier days.

  4. Jo - sometimes rainy days are the very best - sounds like you had a wonderful day. Spending time in the kitchen is a rare treat for me - you did a whole afternoon - love that!

    and a nap on a rainy afternoon - the very best!

  5. I love the sound of all the meals you made... except, the Indian one lol. I am not a fan of anything Indian or spicy :S

    Your Saturday sounds nice despite the rain.

  6. Very productive, you'll be able to relax later knowing those meals are just waiting to heat 'n eat

  7. Amanda - the Indian one didn't turn out too spicy as I added coconut milk (which wasn't in the recipe). It was very filling and everyone seem to enjoy it.

  8. In that case, I may be tempted ;) I LOVE anything with coconut in it! I don't mind Indian dishes, as long as they are not over spicy/hot.

    I am glad you all enjoyed the meal. The lamb shank casserole sound divine. Did you do them in a slow cooker?

  9. Next time there is a rainy day, let me know and I will fly over! :)
    That sounds like the perfect way to spend the day...especially the classical music and jasmine tea!

  10. Amanda- yes I do have a slow cooker and I love it in winter. I have something cooking in it right now. It makes the whole house smell wonderful.

    Kathy - its raining again today!!!


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