A quiet thought

A Ballast for My Soul
Life is like a stormy sea
That tosses to and fro,
But God's Word will ever be
A ballast for my soul.

By its truth I'll be held fast
Till I reach heaven's shore
Where I will be home at last
And sail life's sea no more

      —Perry Boardman

"Watch, stand fast in the faith, be brave, be strong"

Corinthians 16:13 (NKJ)


  1. I like that poem... Life really can be like a storm sometimes, can't it? The picture is perfect too :)

  2. I was thinking this afternoon about what to write today and I through poem would be nice - this was the first I found and I really liked it.

    Isn't the photo showing how we all feel from time to time and how wonderful to know that God is standing there waiting to hold our hand and guide us through the black storm.

  3. Yes - love it. I have a post scheduled to publish tomorrow morning that I think you will like in light of this poem you've posted! :) I wrote it a few days ago (sometimes I schedule posts so if I get too busy to type something, there's still something to post!). It fits right in with your post :)

  4. Now, that is beautiful!

    Jesus Christ, our Hope, the Anchor for our souls... He will surely keep us steadfast in His safety, through life's toughest storms. I wouldn't trust anything or anyone else to be our security, our saving grace. He is our refuge in the storm...

    Love the picture...

    blessings to you, sweet siser...

  5. Love these words of praise about His Word!

  6. this picture is fabulous - and of course the verse is a show of faith for us all.



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