Starting the doll has lead to other things, such as new glasses and changing desks!!  Yes, I have moved the kitchen table into the study (no one uses it anymore) and got rid of my old desk that wasn't very practical.  The picture below is what it looks like now.  Not big but will meet all my requirements for the moment (until the children move out and I take over a bedroom!).  I really like my little spot:)
This is me at my desk.
I saw these at the hardware store and thought they would be really useful on my desk. You buy them individually for $7.00 (much cheaper than those you buy from craft/stationary stores) and they are very roomy - I might get one more.

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  1. Your little space looks great! It looks really cosy and comfortable! I really love my little "spots" in my house (I have two - one for teaching/computer - which travels around the house anyway because it is a notebook - and one for sewing... having a nook is fun - I've enjoyed organising my own little spots for hobbies etc since I was a little girl... Especially organisers... Those ones you got from the hardware are great! I'll have to keep them in mind - never thought of looking in such a place for them! :) My biggest disappointment in your pictures was the Mac. You are a Mac girl???? ugh! ;) LOL

  2. Your nook is wonderful! I am envious. Our house is quite small and I have no such place, but we are hoping to move in the not-too-distant future, and it will be a blessing to make a space such as yours when we do. Those plastic stacking storage bins are great, aren't they? There are tons of them where my husband works, and they are attached to the wall. I have my eye on them!

  3. Yes Clara I am a Mac Girl and always will be:) I am very fond of my computer plus all other Mac products that I own!!!! It meets all my needs, in particular iPhoto and iTunes. Only Tristan has a PC (the one he built himself) as he strongly dislikes Macs (avoid that conversation with him!!).

    Those organisers I got from the hardware store (Bunnings) come in yellow or black/grey - I thought yellow was such a bright colour!!

  4. Macs I've heard are good for the creative types, my arty daughter would love one but we are a PC family. I would love a little space for me, I'll also have to wait for a young 'un to move on unless I kick hubby out of his shed! We don't need to eat at the table every night do we?

  5. Isn't it great to have your own little nook? I have a half of a room for mine that I share with my hubby! But I can't wait till I can spread out and have a whole room!!

  6. Nice to see a picture of you, so now I know what you look like:)
    ok, I'll have to go visit Bunnings now as I didn't realise you could get those thing-y's from there, I need something like that as we live in a small place and space is a premium:)

  7. Yes, a great picture of you in your environment. May you compose many great posts and comments there and other creative pursuits.

  8. It's lovely to "see" you Jo! :-)

    Sigh. I'm going to be a very interesting shade of green, with all these people I have Mac envy about!

    One day (I keep telling myself) ... one day.

    Fee :-)

  9. I love your 'little nook'!

    My little laptap nook is on my lap, on the futon, on the back deck... looking out to sea.

    Those yellow things look bright and cheery... and very handy!

  10. Those little spaces are the best. I think of Susanna Wesley's little space often....while having 18 children in the house, she was known to take her apron and fling it over her head to get her "alone" time...I can only imagine.

  11. I keep lossing all my *spaces*. Maybe once the kids move out...

  12. Oooh! There is your Mac, and your own self! How lovely to see you :)

    Don't pay any mind to the heckling from your PC readers.... ;)

    Mac users unite!!!

    lol! :P

    It really is good to have a face for you, Jo.

    (It's really Mrs BB, but I'm having a shocking time commenting - blogger just doesn't like me.)


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