Do not worry about tomorrow.
Matthew 6:34

Don’t fret about the future
Or be consumed by cares:
Instead take all your worries
And turn them into prayers.

Wilpena Pound within the Flinders Rangers in South Australia

Wilpena Pound is a natural amphitheatre of mountains north of Adelaide. The name for the Pound, is reported to be Aboriginal, meaning 'the place of bent fingers'; this might either be a reference to the mountains resembling the shape of a gently cupped hand, or the freezing cold of the ranges in winter.

Another example of Gods glorious creations.


  1. What gorgeous, amazing scenery. Breathtaking!

    Yes, we would all be a lot saner if we took our worries to God in prayer!

  2. Beautiful!
    Very true - no matter how much we do or don't worry, the future takes care of itself, or the Lord takes care of it for us! :)

  3. That photograph is stunning!
    There is a very large and well known property in CQ also called Wilpeena. I knew the owners in my youth but never thought to enquire about the name's meaning.
    Thanks for the reminder to trust the Lord in all circumstances.
    Have a good weekend.

  4. Gorgeous photo, and beautiful scripture...

  5. what a spectacular photo dear Jo! Sort of like our grand canyon! You have so much beauty in your country - I must make time to come for a visit there!



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