A few of my favourite things
(in no particular order)

A winding creek 
Smell  of cut grass
Chocolate cheesecake
A baby’s smile
Wandering through antique shops
 Escaping into a book
Fluffy kittens
The smell of coffee brewing
Listening to rain at night
Mug of hot chocolate on a winter’s night
Sunset in summer
Reading in bed
Watermelon on a hot day
The smell of jonquils
Tea pots
Delicate lace

Walking along the beach at dusk
 Classical music
Jasmine flower
The touch of velvet
The Sound of Music


    1. Just LOVE the Autumn Yuri Bonder picture....

      LL S

    2. I love many of those things, too... And the pictures you posted; especially that teapot - it is beautiful!! And the walking along the beach pic - love it!

    3. How wonderful Jo - this is a great chance to get to know you better! I love so many of those things also - we are kindred souls. The photos are all so lovely - what a creative way to do a post!


    4. I would have written "Escaping into a book" twice too. Maybe even three times, seeing as I don't get to do it very much these days.

    5. Yes, many of my favourites in your list. Great pictures!
      Food, books and God's creation ` it's all good!

    6. Beautiful post, as are so many of yours! I thoroughly enjoyed your favourite things and the photos. It was inspiring and uplifting. I enjoy a lot of the same things. It's really like counting our blessings, isn't it?

    7. heehee 'dogs wandering through antique shops' may not be the favourite of the proprietor! but your favourites are very nice, Jo

    8. Yes, I finally made it to your list of fave things and quite a few are the same here...isn't that tea pot just gorgeous!
      btw, I'm not sure how I missed so many of your posts, wondering why it wasn't showing up in my list or have you been posting a few a day?:)
      don't worry - I won't hassle you anymore with my questions - enjoy your family holiday!


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