The Garden in Winter

Frosty-white and cold it lies

Underneath the fretful skies;

Snowflakes flutter where the red 

Banners of the poppies spread,

And the drifts are wide and deep

Where the lilies fell asleep.

But the sunsets o'er it throw

Flame-like splendour, lucent glow,

And the moonshine makes it gleam 

Like a wonderland of dream,

And the sharp winds all the day

Pipe and whistle shrilly gay.

Safe beneath the snowdrifts lie 

Rainbow buds of by-and-by;

In the long, sweet days of spring

Music of bluebells shall ring, 

And its faintly golden cup

Many a primrose will hold up. 

Though the winds are keen and chill 

Roses' hearts are beating still, 

And the garden tranquilly

Dreams of happy hours to be­

In the summer days of blue

All its dreamings will come true.

(by Lucy Maud Montgomery)

Welcome to winter.

I love winter
being cosy inside my toasty warm house
wearing my fluffy slippers
woolly jumpers
drinking hot chocolate
reading in bed tucked up under the doona
and knowing the spring is only 3 months away.
 Snow on the mountains surrounding Canberra in winter.


  1. Is that poem in one of her novels? Nice poem! Love the pictures! I don't think I've ever been to Canberra in winter... I forgot that today was the first day of winter - it was warmer than it has been for a little while!! Ahhh... I love winter!! :)

  2. It isn't a poem I have read in her books that I am aware of. I just really liked it, knowing that under all that cold is new life waiting to pop up when the weather warms.

    The mountain ranges look quite beautiful when they are covered in snow - I can see them from my window at work. It isn't as thick as it is in the snowy mountains and can melt quite quickly.

    Frosty morning here, and it is cooling down quickly by dusk.

  3. It must really feel like winter if you can see snow on the hills...crank up the fire!

  4. The picture reminds me of the snow capped mountains we saw in NZ... that was in November mind you! It was still (unusually) very, very cold then.

  5. I love winter and the coziness of being tucked warm inside. Unfortunately, it's summer in my half of the world, and getting hotter every day. It's supposed to be about 25 degress C today, which is about 80 or 85 degrees F for us. If I get too warm today, I'll just have to pop over and visit your snow pictures again. :)

    By the way, thanks for finding us on the map! Michigan is a unique state - we're the only state made of two peninsulas, and the only state that touches four of the five great lakes. The lakes are very special to us, and make it seem as though we are almost on the ocean, except for the fact that they are fresh water instead of salt. No matter where you are in the state, you are never more than 3 hours from one of them. After living all of my 26 years in Michigan, so close to water, I don't know that I could ever live in a place that didn't have access to such beautiful water!

  6. I like to snuggle; I dislike being cold. I like the in between seasons. Either spring or autumn for me.

  7. What a wonderful poem and that picture is awsome! I can't get used to the idea that we are just starting summer and you are starting winter! Seems so upside down - (which actually, it is!)



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