Packing a suitcase. . .

Last evening at Rosings . . . . "her Ladyship again enquired minutely in to the particulars of their journey, gave them directions as to the best methods of packing, and was so urgent on the necessity of placing gowns in the only right way, that Maria thought herself obliged on her return, to undo all the work of the morning, and pack her trunk afresh".   from Jane Austin's Pride and Prejudice

Tonight I am packing my suitcase to go on a holiday to see my family, fortunately I'm not taking any ball gowns, nor do I have a Lady Catherine de Borough offering advice.

What are you like at packing? 

Are you like me, taking far more than I need, just in case.  So what do I pack -  I like to pack my trusty demin skirts (3) plus 2 long black skirts (as everything goes with black) and 1 pair of jeans for any rough mountain climbing (not that this has ever been on the activity list).  But when it comes to tops, well, I pack far more than I need as one never knows which top might be required.  But it is worse this time as it is winter so I won’t only need tops, I will also need cardigans and jackets therefore I will need to have things that match!!!  See the problem (I would never make a very good backpacker) – I will cover my bed in clothes trying to make decisions about what will go with what.  Then, once all that is sorted, shoes . . . however because it is winter I will certainly be taking boots.

Being the 21st century, a problem never faced by Elizabeth Bennett on her way to Rosings, I must not forget all my re-charging equipment: phone chargers, iPod and 2 cameras, then there is the hair drier and hair straightened to also include.  Not to forget all the toiletries that a girl needs to travel with.

Plus, books that also need to be included (just a couple).

How can anyone travel light these days?


  1. Haha!! I am the same way... "what if the weather is cold? What if it isn't SO cold? What if it gets warm? What if I need to dress casually? What if I need to dress formally??......" LOL. Fortunately I never wear make-up and use the bare minimum when it comes to toiletries, so that saves a little space!! :)

  2. Where abouts (approx) are you heading off to?

    It sounds wonderful... have a lovely time!

  3. It's impossible to travel light these days!

    I seem to *always* take more than I need :o)

  4. Dearest Jo - have a wonderful holiday with your family! I so understand the whole packing thing. We travel so much that I have lists made for what I need to take - my biggest concern is making sure that I have room enough for my yarns! Enjoy your trip!


  5. Jo,
    Have a wonderful trip! I'm like you...always pack way too much. :) Your comment about the toiletries made me chuckle since I pack quite a bit of those. Books? Of course! Normally, it's way more than I'm ever able to read on vacation.



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