I am puzzled by people . . .

For a few years we had a drought – water restrictions were in place, we couldn’t water our gardens probably and we all bemoaned the lack of rain. Month after month with no rain and the gardens looked sicker and sicker — everyone wanted rain.  This year we have had some good rains, and in the last week we even had rain that lasted 2 full days rather than just a few hours.  It was beautiful.  Overcast, grey, cold and wet but I couldn’t believe the number of people bemoaning the rain.  These weren’t even people who had outdoor jobs, they were office workers.   I love it when it rains.  I can snuggle up at home, cook a roast, make hot chocolate and listen to the rain fall on the roof.  We don’t live in a location where it will rains for weeks non-stop ( not even for days) so why complain about 2 days worth of rain.  This rain is so precious as it is filling up our dams that will supply the water that we need during summer.

I particularly love rain on the weekends (people seem to complain about that too).  Even though doing ones grocery shopping in the rain can be a pain (hey, that rhymes!) — someone great invented the umbrella, and really, water does dry.
People (this is a general comment) seem to complain about something - no matter what it is.  I often wonder why they find (or look) for the negative in everything rather than the positive.  What a gloomy life they must live, missing all the beauty around them.  Even on a dark, cold day, one can find something good — God did create it so it must be good.

More the merrier I say. . .

That I will give you the rain of your land in his due season, the first rain and the latter rain, that thou mayest gather in thy corn, and thy wine, and thine oil. 
Deuteronomy 11:14


  1. I am one with my sister on this one! Nothing like a rainy day, even walking out in it is a great experience, and seeing the creeks run, the grass go green, knowing that the sub-soil is getting moisture (which does not happen if you only get a shower here and there). Rainy days are for hot soup with crusty bread, wood fires, great books, hot chocolate, and as mentioned, walking in the paddocks.
    LL S

  2. I agree too, Jo! I love the rain and rainy days. One thing I miss is thunder storms. We don't seem to get them up here in the tropics...

    Well, only in the last few days have we even SEEN the sun! It has been raining here non-stop (if not raining, then extremely overcast), for many weeks now. We have many days in a row, of constant rain... some patches of light drizzle, and many patches of heavy. The heavy happening mainly at night. This is normal for the tropics, but unusual at this time of year. It normally happens in Summer, but you would be aware of that, having lived in Darwin ;)

    It has been sooo wet, that the cane season/crushing has been on hold... with eager workers a bit like the people you mentioned: wishing the rain would stop, lol. I think they have good reason though... they need the money to live. These are a different category to the ones you mentioned though, as I know that our southern counterparts need to appreciate the rain when it comes.

  3. I LOVE the rain... of course after 3 weeks when the chooks are getting sick and the children are going stir crazy, you do wish for a patch of sunshine, but I don't complain about the rain. We badly need it. Even though we've had rain on and off here lately, everything is still brown (frost/cold burnt, no doubt)... and from that point of view, there is something even more delightful about a spring/summer/autumn rain... everything gets this incredible greenness!! :) But I do enjoy curling up inside on a cold wet day... I just wish I had a fireplace to make it even better!! :D (I know it sounds like I'm always wishing for more than I've got - I don't; I'm quite content, but I'm a dreamer too, and there's something very cozy about a cold wet day curled up in front of a crackling fire!!) :)

  4. I can never complain about rain, after desperately looking for every drop in recent times. There is nothing more disheartening than seeing empty dams so it fills me with hope when there is water about & grey skies. Winter is my favourite time when you can rug up in warm coats, boots & scarves.

  5. I love the rain but we're sub~tropical & I do find days of endless grey depressing. Worst thing about England was just the fact the sun never ever shone. No blue skies ~ not what you & I would call blue anyway! lol. Sunshine does seem to lift the spirits but just the same I've thanked God for every drop of rain we've had. It has been so needed so desperately for so long.


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