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I have had a really nice weekend - I didn't need to rush about, but I still got lots of things done and had time to relax + enjoy an afternoon sleep.

The grocery shopping is done and Ruby's new kitty litter house has been purchased.  I cleaned the house with help from my sons and did a little rearranging in the lounge room.  The vase of dried flowers used to sit on top of the book case, but naughty Ruby could reach them and each day I would come home to find that she had stolen one dried flower (no more and no less)!
I also went through my winter clothes and tossed out a huge pile of things that no longer fit (mmmm) or I don't wear anymore.  My husband went through his jackets and throw away some old worn ones.  They are waiting to go to the charity box.
In the garden I started the weeding (but due to the rain we have had this winter they keep on growing) and planted some pansies in pots.   I even had time to sit in the sun and admire the jonquils and jet-fire daffodils (mini daffies) that have just started to flower.   I love daffodils with their cheerfulness and joy - wouldn't it be glorious to have a field of daffodils like the one below?
I made a pot of vegetable soup to take to work - I like to have a hot meal at lunchtime but buying it is so expensive, I make my own.  As it is winter I like to take soup and a savory muffin.  My husband eats boring sandwiches but he seems to like them.
To Vicki - here is the one and only photo of two of my brothers (I have a three) and myself whilst on holidays!!  The camera is sitting on a fence post.
And this is Ruby lying on her favourite chair (her pink rug) with her head hanging over the edge.  She lies like this often and sometimes slides off.  This is quite typical of Ragdoll cats.  This week her new scratching post is arriving in the post and it isn't any ordinary scratching post - wait and see!!!!

I'm off to put the roast beef into the oven for dinner along with the baked potatoes. Then back to reading my new book "At home" by Bill Dryson.

* * *
Did you have a productive weekend?

May you all have a wonderful week.
The last week of July.
Where has the year gone - more than half has slipped away.


  1. It sounds like you had nice easy-going weekend Jo. We all need those as often as possible!

    I love the feeling of satisfaction when things get done around the house... and, cleaning out clothes no longer needed. I love decluttering lol.

    Enjoy your week at work... and that soup and muffins for lunch sounds very yum!

  2. I love weekends like that. And I just want to take off running in that field of daffodils! Simply lovely! Oh and I'm all over hot soup in the winter. I know you all flip flopped with the seasons but I can't even think of winter when it's 99 degrees outside! Ugh!
    Have a great night.

  3. Sounds like you had a productive and yet comfortable weekend. Isn't that funny how only one of the flowers went missing each time!! :)
    Our weekend was fun - busy, but enjoyable. :) I just love weekends and doing family things - whether productive or relaxing!

  4. We were busy & Ditz is performing next weekend so that will be busy too. I like to sloth so busy doesn't make me real happy even though I invariably enjoy myself.

    I had to give up scratching posts. My cats will use everything but ~ & then give me the evil eye for suggesting the furniture is NOT appropriate! ☺

  5. We had a busy but enjoyable weekend here.
    That soup and muffins for lunch sounds great! my dh also loves boring sandwiches for lunch everyday:)

  6. Oh, a winter weekend sounds so lovely! Bow Tie Man and I are counting the days until it cools down a bit, and life returns to normal (Nov 2, election day). I was eyeing a yummy sounding soup recipe the other day. I think I'll go back and mark it so I can find it when the weather cools.


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