Fun Friday: Are you a bookmark person?

I am a bookmark kind of girl . . .

I DO NOT turn the corners of books (my mother would be very cross with me if I did)

I do not use:
  • a piece of string
  • a leaf from the garden
  • ribbon
  • torn piece of paper
I only use bookmarks and I have quite a collection of bookmarks - animal bookmarks, bible verses, flowers, art and depending on what I am reading will depend on what bookmark I will use!!!
What do you use?

There are so many great markers for books available, check these out:
I thought these were really clever and easy to make - make a great gift

This one is called the "finger pointing bookmark"!!
The "leaf bookmark"


O little bookmark
slim and slight
between the pages
closed up tight.

When at last
I douse my light
you guard my place
all through the night.

No matter where
that place may be
I know you'll keep it
just for me.

Then in the morn
your squarish head
admist the book
above my bed.

O little bookmark
slim and slight
working, working
through the night.

Duncan Ball

* * *
PS they also make great gifts to slip into a card and can be fun to make.  You quite like the idea of using old Christmas and birthday cards.

This site has a great collection of historical book marks:


  1. We have a couple of small nifty ones - folded card, and 2.5 cm square, with magnet goes either side of a page, one has the "Girl with Pearl Earing" the other a Monet's Garden painting, with a gold edge! They don't fall out, and they are quite slimline, despite the baby magnet. LL S

  2. I used to turn the corners, but got out of that habit, thankfully!

    I use anything within reach for a bookmark, if a proper one isn't handy!

    I enjoy using bookmarks that friends have given me, as they usually have a message or Bible verse written on them :)

  3. Jo: you would be very cross with me. I turn corners. I lay books open face down. I use leaves & wool & bits of string. I slip $5 dollar notes between the pages, boat tickets & concession cards & then can't remember which book I've left them in. I ink in corners to mark my favourite pages & write notes in the margins in pen [not pencil]. Books are my good friends & very well used. ☺

  4. Ganeida- I also write in books and underline things of interest ( less so with novels). As I read at lunchtime sometimes my books end up sharing my meal!!!! Books should feel loved:). But I can't bring myself to turn the corners over:(

  5. I must admit - I am addicted to book marks - have a "bunch!!" - love to give them as gifts - would be lost without one. NEVER ever would I turn down a page.

    What a clever little post - so true and so sweet!


  6. yea, I'm with you on not turning the corners! I was given (all mothers were at church this past mothers day) a beautiful book mark made of gold plated metal in the shape of a hook and the bits that hang out of the book have some beautiful beads, very novel, hand made by a lady from our church. I suggested she patent it as I've never seen anything so pretty before!

  7. In the far distant past I have been known to turn the corners, but I soon learned to treasure books and rather use a bookmark now, even if it's just a scrap of paper (if nothing else is handy). I have quite a collection of bookmarks *somewhere*!! I should pull them out and use them more often and encourage the children to use them - they like to shred paper and then have lots of bookmarks in their Bible! :P
    P.S. I think you will particularly enjoy the facts on my "Fun Fact Friday" post tonight :)

  8. I tend to use paper instead of bookmarks because I find it stays in the book better.--The bookmarks tend to fall out and the ones that clip on tear my pages.

    I also like to use cards from friends and leave them in the book for a lovely surprise the next time I read that particular book. I LOVE to reread my books! (o:

    What a fun post!

  9. What a sweet post! I used to have loads of bookmarks, but they never made it across the pond with me. I am slowly building up a collection. I sometimes turn a page corner (:-0), but only if it's a paperback that I own. Nevertheless, I'm trying to get back into the habit of using bookmarks. Bookmarks are a great thing to collect, too. Especially if you travel and want a souvenir. They are inexpensive and easy to pack!

  10. Drop me an email via my blog. I have a bookmark to send you! :-)


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