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Each morning I walk past a very large painting and love to look at all the detail in the picture.  I had never heard of the artist, nor did I know of any of his other works until I did some Googling.  Today's artist is Brian Dunlop (1938-2009) an Australian artist born in Sydney known for his still life and figurative works.  Whilst his fellow artists were off painting abstract, Dunlop appears to have remained in the more "old fashion" style of art.

I found that some of his works had a photographic feel, in particular "Dancers on the Horizon" which I first disregarded as I thought it was a photo! He did a series of paintings  of windows and curtains blowing in the breeze (which I thought was a very unusual topic) - when you look at the paintings you can feel that summer breeze coming into the room and the  swishing sound made by light weight curtains.

His works can be found in the National Art Gallery of Australia, Parliament House, Canberra and other state Art Galleries.

Mid day train
Bay, Otago Peninsular 2000 (Gouache on paper)
Dancers on the Horizon, 2006
'Suntreader', Moyne River 2004 (oil on canvas)
Black Sea Dreaming (oil on canvas)
Zimzum II (pastels on paper)
Washing Basket, 2006

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  1. Which one is in your work place? Very 'photographic'!! Quite stunning detail.

  2. None other these - the one at work is very large and I think bought just after it was completed so I couldn't find any copies of it on the net. It is of a room "still life" and very full of detail - I love looking at the carpet on the floor and in the corner he has placed a table full of bits and pieces with bottles on the floor under the table.

  3. Wow... some of those really are like photographs. His is a name to look out for.

  4. I love these pieces! So realistic!! The one of the train looks quite like an area over near the Wollongong coast. :) Realistic art is incredible, I could look at it for hours!!

  5. These are amazing Jo! Many of them you would actually mistake for photographs. The last one as a photo would be boring, but because it has been painted, it makes you take a closer look. It must have taken hours upon hours to do just even the washing basket!

    I have never heard of this artist, but I am impressed by his talent! Just amazing!


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