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Today's artist loved snow and sheep — I am only guessing this as this appears to be his main topic. I think they are lovely, I particularly like the way the setting sun comes through the trees onto the snow giving it warmth!!

Joseph Farquharson (1846-1935) was a Scottish artist who was known for his snowscapes (with and without sheep!!) and views of the Scottish countryside. Many of his paintings were completed in the North East of Scotland at Finzean. Farquharson liked to paint outdoors, however due to the rigors of  Scottish winters, he constructing a painting hut on wheels, complete with a stove and large glass window for observing the scenery. Also, to achieve as realistic a result as possible when painting the sheep which frequently appear in his snowscapes, he owned a flock of "imitation" sheep which could be placed as required in the landscape of his choice!!  I do hope this sheep didn't mind standing about in the freezing weather just to be painted!

Joseph Farquharson travel outside of Scotland and left the sheep behind (they probably enjoyed the break) and the paintings below were done while in the Middle East.
(The Ruins of the Temple at Luxor, ca. 1890)

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  1. Hello Jo!

    This is my first time to your blog. I found your blog via the blog site, "Women of God."

    At any rate, since I enjoy art galleries, I really enjoyed this mini virtual gallery of art by Joseph Farquharrson. I don't know much about him (actually, I knew nothing about him until today), but he sounds like he had some interesting thoughts regarding his paintings.

    At any rate, you have a nice blog here. I think I will be coming to visit more often. :) Take care.

    -Lady Rose

  2. Thankyou Lady Rose for visiting (I love new visitors). I do a segment every Wednesday on artists that are not well known. They put so much effort into their art and produce such beautiful pieces, but sadly as the years progress they are long forgotten. I often wonder why some artists become very famous (such as Van Gogh) and their works are worth millions of dollars, whilst others slide into obscurity and forgotten.


  3. Jo, these are another set of amazing pieces.

    The 2nd last one has such amazing detail! I couldn't imagine the time it would take to paint somethning like that!

    I haven't heard of this guy either... but then again, not many you feature are known to me, which is what I like about this feature of yours lol.

  4. Gorgeous, lovely art display today!

  5. Those snow ones are really well done! The artist's portable painting hut is a really amazing idea!

  6. I really like the last snow piece with all of the little buildings in it. There's nothing cozier, in my mind, than being tucked inside a snug cottage in the winter with lots of snow outside. I can't wait for those days to return!

  7. They look like Christmas cards. lol Snow is so pretty to look at in pictures but cold & wet in reality. I feel sorry for the sheep [even painted ones] so prefer the paintings without them. I hope they found a warm barn somewhere. ☺

  8. Many homes where I live have prints of the sheep paintings in them! Of course, I am partial to the "art of the sheep!" And don't worry about the sheep... like my husband says, they are almost waterproof, with all that lanolin and wool! He used to leave the barn door open in the cold weather so they could go inside, but they preferred to stay outside! (Although, I confess, I always worry about Rosebud in the poor weather!)


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