Crafty day

I have had a wonderful day . . . spent at the Craft and Quilting Fair.  As usual I got a little carried away, in saying this, I usual bulk up on crafty things at the fair and don't buy much during the year.  One thing I really wanted to buy lots of were paper tole, this is one of my favourite (current) activities and as I have trouble finding any in Canberra, I usually stock up once a year at the Craft Fair. 
This year they had something new - paper tole kits that came with the card and envelope, however the card had printed on it the design (eg the one below had the boat scene printed on the back of the card).  They looked really nice and not very expensive ($3.95), which is cheaper than bought cards (I bought a card for my son's girlfriends 21st and it was $10!!!).
Here is one I made earlier!! I glued everything at the front, however at the back of the card is the printed picture (see second photo).
I have been using the 3D adhesive foam dots when making these cards, however the lady at one of the stores was using "roof and gutter silicone sealant" from the hardware store.  She says it works as well as any craft silicone and cheaper!!!  So I bought one myself.
I also bought a heaps of these (can't remember what they are called) plus the 'gelly roll" pens to colour them in with - this is so much fun - stick a sticker onto vellum, colour in and place on card.  So easy but it looks great.  Below is one I tried earlier.
And finally - I spoilt myself with a new light - I have been looking at these for ages and finally I decided to buy one.  The nature light is so much easier to work with than normal lights and considering I am getting older I need all the light I can get.  This one is a "OttLite" brand.
I also bought scissors and some blank card.
All in all a great day -
enjoyed with many many other crafty ladies in the region!! 
Now I can enjoy many hours of card making.
* * *
Nothing to do with arts and crafts - but I thought you would like this photo of Ruby having a sleep on her new equipment. Her tongue was also hanging out of her mouth.  She appeared to be very comfortable considering she didn't really fit that well. 

* * *


  1. Jo, those cards look gorgeous! (the layered ones). I have never tried this before but it looks very effective.

    I also love the card with the butterfly. That also looks effective. Both of these things don't look hard to do, which is right up my alley!

    Glad you had a lovely day.

  2. Sounds like you had a lot of fun! :) Tole is so beautiful! I've used those gold and silver stickers before for scratch-art, but I never thought of colouring them before - it looks very effective and pretty! Looks like you have many hours of fun ahead! The thing about making cards is that they are so personalised, and even if they do take expensive craft supplies, they are far more beautiful and personal than store-bought cards!

  3. I am currently sitting at my desk colouring in - I did it when I was 10 and I am still doing it!!!

    Amanda, no they aren't hard, quite relaxing really - a great way to wind down after a busy day. I usually put some music on and colour away or cut and stick (also enjoyed doing that as a child!!).

    Clara, many hours of enjoyment:)

  4. WOW! What a fun day you must have had. I love crafting and needlework and all kinds of working with my hands, too. We get a craft fair in Scotland, but it only comes up as far as Glasgow (which, as you know, is in the south), and which is 5 hours away from us. I haven't yet been to one. I did win tickets to a fair from a cross-stitch magazine, but it was in Kent, of all places!! Couldn't go to that, either. Your stash of treasures looks wonderful, and your cards, too!

  5. Your cards are beautiful. I particularly liked the piece with an Art Nouveau style woman on it, in the first shot. I find it so interesting that while Art Nouveau was a very, very sort movement in the furniture and architecture world, the prints and such in that style have never really gone out of favor. I guess that means that it stands the test of time.

    Love the picture of Ruby, by the way. That's such a cat thing to do!

  6. Wow - Jo!!! You had a great day at the craft fair - came home with lots of treasures. You are going to be doing some serious crafting! Love the card you made - beautiful!

    That photo of Ruby is hilarious! She is one lucky kitty!


  7. My sort of activity for a wet cold afternoon! ☺ & I adore that pic of Ruby; a cat with character!

  8. unlike your other readers, you lost me when you mentioned the word "tole", lol! shows you how un-crafty I am. However you make it all sound so easy! I'm thinking maybe one day when my dd has grown up a little we could try this together, I think I would really need her support, lol!


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