What a busy day.  The new fridge came today so I had clean out the old one (I throw away 2 large bags of empty jars, out-of-date food and other things that didn't belong to me!) and nearer the time of the delivery move all the food into an eskey and the laundry basket  For once the delivery came on time - spot on midday.  I could then go and do the grocery shopping and restock the fridge and freezer.  When I got home and started to fill the fridge I realised this one doesn't have a butter compartment nor a place for eggs - two things I didn't think of when buying it!! Otherwise it is fine - it is an up-side-down fridge/freezer with the freezer at the bottom - I have been told that they are better - also for those of us getting older, far less bending!!

After all my running about (I also went to the music store to get some things for Caius) I sat in the garden with Charlie Cat admiring the jonquils. I love the smell of jonquils, but they can be a bit too over powering for indoors - so I always sniff them when I walk past a flower in the garden (weird!).
 While I was outside, Ruby was lying in the sun warming her tummy:)
?????? a ball of fluff or a cat in the basket?
Tristan decided to cook biscuits - just 2 very large ones. They tasted delicious - very buttery chocolate chip cookies.  Tristan's girlfriend turned 21 last week and he gave her a ticket to the Zoo to "Pat the Cheetahs".  It was a freezing cold and wet day (which is why the cheetahs are in their cave) but that didn't stop Kathleen having a wonderful time.  She was a little nervous as one would imagine, these are cats with very big teeth!  She said that when she was patting the cheetah they started to purr - in fact it is the only "big cat" that does purr (but can't roar) - imagine one lying around the house!!!

* * *
Time to think about dinner - create something middle eastern out of lamb mince.

* * *


  1. I don't think I could do that... The cheetahs are beautiful, but I wouldn't go pat one like that!!
    I miss the smell of jonquils and daffodils and such - I don't blame you for smelling them on your way past! :)
    Sounds like a good Saturday to me!

  2. It is always lovely to get a new fridge or white good of some sort. I need a new washing machine in the near future (my old one just keeps going and going for now).

    Patting the cheetahs!! Wow, they must be quite tame! I would enjoy it but perhaps a little nervously so, like Kathleen. Great photos Jo! Did you take the photo of the flower? It's very professional and gorgeous.

    I like reading about your Saturdays. I remember savouring Saturdays above all other days, when I was working full time.

  3. Thank you Jo for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment.

    You certainly had a busy day but it is always exciting to get new household appliances. Your flowers are beautiful and so is your cat. The cheetahs are gorgeous, it would have been an amazing experience to pat them a wonderful birthday present.

  4. I adore cheetahs! I have always wanted to own one [I'm told they make excellent pets]& am hoping the Lord has one in mind for me in my new home. lol

    Where can you do this? I would love to take Star & do this.

  5. Sounds like a lovely day!

    And I would LOVE to pet a cheetah!!! How cute, it actually purred?!

  6. Ganeida - Kathleen went to our local Canberra Zoo to pat the cheetahs - I am not sure if other zoos do something different. Here is the link to it.

    Amanda - no I didn't take the photos (I stayed at home and kept warm), the tour guide took the photos of Kathleen's camera.

    Amanda - For the first time in months my husband slept all night without being woken by the old fridge turning on - the new one is so quiet.


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