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Have you ever started cleaning your house and ending up doing something completely different that you never plan to do.

The other day I decided to clean out Ruby's kitty litter tray.  To do this I turned on the kettle to boil water and got out the vacuum cleaner.  Whilst waiting for the kettle to boil I thought I would vacuum the lounge room.  As I stood in the middle of the room and looked around I decided to move some chairs.  One thing to led to another and before I knew it I had rearranged the whole room! I had also cleaned the walls, dusted, rearranged books, ornaments, cushions and even moved paintings on the walls + had a pile of things to throw away and another pile to take to the Lifeline  book fair this coming week.

Two hours later I re-boiled the kettle and cleaned the kitty litter tray plus vacuumed the rest of the house.  I quite these surprises, starting on one task and ending up doing a whole bunch of other things!!  It means I never know where my day might end!!

I called my husband to look at my changes and he said "were you bored".  No, not at all - just felt inspired!!!  

Afterwards I sat down to lunch - ham and cheese croissant plus a mug of tea - which I enjoyed with the sun streaming through the window.

PS Ruby hovered around and "helped" whilst I rearranged the room - I think she was wondering what would happen to her chair!  She didn't need to worry, it is near the window so she can look out at the 2 dogs!


  1. I love times like that also, only I don't move furniture around as I don't have many options in this house.

    Does Ruby get scared of the vacuum? She is such a little helper lol!

    I confess to having to click on the first photo to see if that was Ruby by the door, but it is a dog ornament :P

    What a lovely home you have Jo... I really like it! It feels good when you get things accomplished around the home. I have been doing lots of spring cleaning here lately.

  2. Amanda - as Ruby has seen and heard the vacuum cleaner ever since we got her as a baby she isn’t worried about it at all. The “dog” in the corner is made of metal and I call it Mike the Metal Dog!! Mike has a wobbly head and tail and Ruby loves to wobble his head and will play with him for ages!!

  3. I have seen similiar ones to "Mike" and I love them!

    Jo, I believe you mentioning about the pet insurance was a prompt for me from the Lord... since the tick episode and now with another dog, it is becoming a wise investment for us to consider. Ticks are rife up this way and I would hate to fork out $330 or more should this ever happen again. I am going to research this today lol!

  4. Jo,

    I have times like this as well. I recall one day while I was dusting the bedrooms, I got the inspiration to move some bookcases, which were loaded with books. It was quite a job, but I really enjoyed the changes.

    When my husband returned home, he was shocked that I had actually moved "heavy" furniture around by myself, but he did enjoy the changes I made.

    -Lady Rose

    P.S. Thank you for visiting my blog the other day and leaving a kind comment. I ejoyed "seeing" you there. :)

  5. I remember having days like that more often before I had Rebekah:) It seems these days my cleaning only lasts half hour at the most as I get "short" bursts of time to do them in! btw, I enjoyed peeking inside your home and I love the beautiful furniture:)

  6. Jo - well now I feel better. This is just everyday life for me. Go to the fridge - end up rearranging cookbooks in the kitchen - look at a book - end up doing something upstairs in the yarn room - fold the laundry - end up cleaning out closet. Just everyday stuff - sometims I think I am (crazy!!) So glad that it happens to others too!!!


  7. Rosemary - I use to rearrange rooms when my children were little, they would love to help (they never knew what little treasures they might end up with as I clean up cupboards etc) and be very excited when the room was finally completed. it also gave them the opportunity to go through some special boxes that I keep hidden from little figures - things i have accumulated over the years.

  8. Vicki - welcome to the club - I think we get far more done, just not in a logical order (well, it is logical to us, isn't it!!).

    My mother told me once never take the washing to the laundry without dusting on the way with the undies!! Get 2 jobs done at once.

  9. I always do that, but I never get to finish what I wanted to do in the first place.

  10. I do this too... it's a fun way to clean and change things around... I find if I sit and *plan* to do that kind of cleaning, it becomes something like "a mountain" instead of a "mole-hill" - the chore seems big and nasty... If I just do it on impulse, it's MUCH more fun!! :)
    I regularly change the furniture around - they say a change is as good as a holiday, and I tend to agree - changing the house around makes you feel fresher and helps you enjoy your home more! I love that satisfied feeling when it's all done.


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