Art Wednesday

. . ITS SPRING . .

There is no better way to celebrated the  arrival of spring but to share some paintings that illustrate what spring is all about.  These aren't necessarily by famous painters, I selected them because they make me happy. I love the colours and after a wet, cold, icy 3 months of winter I need something that is cheerful, full of colour and warm.

"A perfect spring day" by Fred Steinman (contemporary artist)
"The bluebell glade" by Ernst Walbourn (1872-1927)

 "Tulips and pink" by Sherry Loehr (contemporary artist)
"Picking flowers in spring" by Victor-Gabriel Gilbert (1847-1933)
unknown painter
Photo by me, taken a couple of springs ago

* * *
For all those who living in the northern hemisphere and starting Autumn, this painting is for you!!!

* * *


  1. These are beautiful. I really like the first one because of the vibrant colors and I really like the one with the pathway and the flowers surrounding it.
    Thanks for sharing. Those made me happy too!

  2. Jo,

    These paintings are simply beautiful! I really enjoyed the paintings of the women in the fields and the tulips. BTW, the photograph that you took is quite professional. I like how you captured the details of the flowers.

    I like your Art Wednesday's. Please keep sharing these days with us. :)

    -Lady Rose

  3. Thank you so much Lady Rose - I love doing them.

    I found out today that we had the coldest winter since 2000 and the coldest August in 18 years, the wettest winter in five years and the 10th wettest winter even. I knew it was cold and wet and it was infact true. The weatherman has just told me (via the radio) that we are expecting a wet spring. I don't mind wet as long as it becomes a little warmer!

  4. Jo - those really are beautiful paintings - I love the one you always choose for your blog. Is it spring there - I can not get used to the topsy turvy of the seasons between here and there - fall is in the air for us you know.

    I have not heard from you in a while - just wanted you to know that I am missing you!

    We are off on a little bit of travel - Bermuda- (or Canada) guess it depends on where the hurricanes are when our ship leaves!


  5. Love your photo...
    LL S

  6. Dear Vicki - I went past your blog last night and admired thost beautiful photos of yours - I said that I thought you ought to be a photographer for a magazine as they are so good - I just love the way you set up the photos. Keep safely away from those hurricanes, we want you back in one piece. Can't wait to see your holidays snaps


  7. These are gorgeous paintings... I am impressed with your photo though Jo! I agree with Lady Rose, it is very professional!

    You will have to showcase some of your photography favourites with us more often.

  8. I love spring - even in paintings or photos. That photo of yours is just gorgeous!

    Regarding winter - Dan told me just yesterday that he had heard it said that we had the coldest winter for some years, but we're both not sure why, it hasn't been that cold here at all! - we've only had probably a half dozen frosts, and the days have seemed so mild! As for being so wet, that is right on track; even though it hasn't rained in over a week, our ground is still really soft in our backyard, even though that is the top of the hill our property is located on!!

  9. Yes, I love them all, even the Autumn one, but your photograph is amazing. So life like and crisp! It must have been glorious to behold on the day.

  10. Thankyou all so much for your wonderful comments regarding my photo - perhaps one Wednesday I will show you some of my favourite photos I have taken.

    The spring photo was taken at the Canberra annual Floriade exhibition and I was spoilt for choice when it came to flowers, but it was hard to take a photo without people in them. And you can imagine the smell of all those flowers!! Just gorgeous.

  11. I loved the photos! Thank you for sharing these.

    God bless you.

  12. Lovely selections! I must say that while I am generally not an autumn person, I am so looking forward to it this year, for a couple of reasons. The main one, of course, is that this summer has been so beastly hot! I am so ready for colder days, warmer clothes, and hot cups of tea every day! And then snow....lots and lots of snow, I hope!


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