Fun Friday. . can you guess?

I thought I would do something different and test your skills!!!   Can you guess what the following items are? Hint: they all belong in the home and follow a certain theme.

Item 1. What am I and how old am I?

 Item 2.What is my use and when was I made?

Item 3. Why would I be wearing this and what is it called? What era?

Item 4. Do you know what I was used for and from which decade?

Item 5. What was my use? What is my year?  And for an two extra points what am I made of and what do those white parts look like?

Enjoy!!!  Have fun!!!

I will give you the answers on Monday (13th)


  1. Jo: I don't know all of these but I'll have a go given even enlarged my eyes are having trouble. ;P

    1. Not a clue really. Is it a type of darner?

    2.I think it's a button hook. Is that what it's called? Anyway, used for hooking the buttons on a lady' boots.

    3. It's a collar ~ unless there is a special name for it. They used to fasten independently to doll up a dress.

    4. Clueless. So I cheated. I now know what it is but I won't post so as not to spoil the fun. How do you find these thing? ☺

    5. knitting needle guards? Man,that's one weird collection. Do you own this stuff?

  2. Ganeida - no, I don't own them. I found them on a website which I will share on Monday. I must admit I would have struggle to identify these items!!

  3. Wow. I haven't a clue. Is the first a spurtle? (sp) Is the collar a modesty panel? I have no idea!! What fun. I can't wait to see the answers.

  4. Jo I have to say I don't have a clue! I'll be looking at the answers you get:)

  5. Not sure about most of these...
    #2 definitely looks like a button hook/glove hook, and I think it's probably from mid 1900s
    #3 looks like a detachable lace collar - maybe a bertha collar, which I think was around in the Victorian era and briefly returned in the ?1940s? and stayed around for a few decades.
    #4 looks something like a milk saucepan (for scalding milk) with a lid, but I'm probably totally wrong with that guess too!!
    #5 - no idea what it is, but the white things on the end look a bit like hooves!!
    I'd venture a guess that these things are all from the mid-1900s, although I can't be sure!

  6. LOL! Some of my guesses have been mentioned but honestly other than the collar not a lot of idea.
    I love Clara's suggestion that those white things look like hooves! (Little goats, eh!) I was going to say vacuum cleaner attachments till I had a closer look.

  7. I did one of these last fall.

    One of my items was a button hook but not as fancy as your #2 item. I don't know the others, but it will be fun to learn! :)

  8. 1. Is used for darning - a darning mushroom. Possibly 19th century, but not past the 1950s. Nobody darns socks anymore!

    2. A button hook, probably used mostly on women's high button shoes. If your Australian styles are like ours, sometime around the turn of the 20th century. 1885 to 1915 maybe?

    3. Edwardian, era, maybe? I would say that it's either a decency panel, or, more likely, just a removeable collar that could be used to dress up an otherwise simple dress. You know - from Sunday best black to an evening at the theatre black!

    4. Something to a an on the go cup of tea? Not it indigenous?

    5. Made of rafia, perhaps? I would guess that it's an indigenous object, and that the ends are probably bone, or ivory. With the colored flowers I would say that it was for a woman.


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