In the centre of the whirlpool,
while the waters rush about.

There's a space of perfect stillness,
though with turmoil with it is bound.

All is calm, 
all is quiet,
scarcely even a sense of sound.

So with us - despite the conflict, 
when in Christ, 
His peace is found

~author unknown~

Peace be unto you - Fear not.


  1. Such an uplifting post, thank you so very much for posting it! (o:

  2. I enjoyed this poem. It was very encouraging.

    -Lady Rose

  3. This is a lovely poem Jo - and the picture is so peaceful. I've been in places similar to this, and sitting here looking at it I can almost hear and smell how it would be!

    One busy weekend and it seems like I have SO many blog posts to read and catch up on!!!! :)

  4. Clara - I found this poem in mothers journal, she said it was one of her favourites.


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