My day out

I have had a beautiful day. 

The weather has been perfect, I have even been able to take out one of my summer skirts to wear.

What have I been up to. . . .

I started the day by driving my dh to work.

Stopped off at the supermarket for a few things.

Drove my son to his friends.

Then off I went to the Life Line Book Fair. . . this is a huge second hand book fair, selling 1000's of books at a tiny price. It occurs twice a year (March and September) and I love to go.

I made sure I was wearing comfortable shoes
and had the right equipment

Off I went . . . filling my shopping trolley with great books . .  such as Volumes 1 and 2: Home Management 1950.   These tell me everything I have ever wanted to know about my home - including how to design my modern 1950's kitchen, pack the pantry, choosing my cooker, cleaning and sewing etc..  I am bound to share snippets from these books over coming months.
I also bought Good Housekeeping Encyclopaedia, 1951 - which starts by telling me "to run a home happily and efficiently is probably the most rewarding of all jobs for a woman, but it does under modern conditions demand a fund of up-to-date knowledge on a wide range of specialised subjects."  Another useful book filled with the A to Z of home advice - from blind baking to frost protecting my pipes!
I have never read The Heavenly Man, this appears to be a brand new book - never read.  Inside someone has written "Dear Dad, I trust you will enjoy reading this book.  May God bless you in everything you do.  Merry Christmas 2007 love from X and X."  However looking at the state of the book I am not entirely sure that "Dad" ever did read it.  I will.
I bought 3 art books that I thought would be very useful for Art Wednesday - The one on "The Story of Painting" was my most expensive book at $10aus!  Everything else cost between $2 and $4!!  I also bought one on the life of Laura Ingalls Wilder which looks very interesting.  It includes recipes.
I bought this book (History of Europe) partly because it looked interesting but partly due to the writing below.  This book was published in 1893 and the first owner was Anne Elizabeth Sauell in July 15th 1895 and Elsie Sauell in 1916.  I assume it was a text book that both mother and daughter used.  If only it could talk and tell me about these 2 women, I wonder if they enjoyed learning about the French Revolution, the Battle of Waterloo etc..  I can tell they took care of their book as it is in quite good condition.

I even managed to find 2 brand new DVD's for my mum on the  Canadian Wilderness ($2 each!).  

After my outing, I went to the fruit and vegie market, I came home and had lunch, looked through my books and had afternoon tea with my neighbour (after looking at her beautiful garden full of blooms).  

What a perfect day.  Now it is almost time to cook dinner.  Dh will be home in an hour or so.


  1. Sounds like you were in your element today at the book fair! Looking forward to your future posts ;)

    I have read the Heavenly Man and it was a very good book... I loved it. A month or so later, the author spoke at a Church in Brisbane (where I was living at the time) and I went with some friends to hear him. He spoke through an interpretor.

    Enjoy your evening!

  2. Sounds like fun - and you found some wonderful fascinating books, by the sound of it! Looking forward to hearing about them! It sounds like you had a really nice day, and the weather was just beautiful, by the sounds of it. We got up to 26ºC here today! Beautiful spring day! :)

  3. WOW! It looks like you had so much fun today. I love all the books you found. What a wonderful thing to be able to go to a book fair like that one. Enjoy your mountains of reading!

  4. the Life Line Book Sale! and you did very well. I actually have to avoid it these days, for fear of hauling home more books which I have no room for:-)
    Perhaps "Dad" has already gone to be with the Lord? It's a sweet thought at any rate.
    You can read about my day as I have just posted on it. A difficult one indeed.

  5. Oh Jo! I would love the book fair better without the crowds! lol I think you will enjoy The Heavenly Man ~ though I think it is a great condemnation on the Western church!

  6. Wow! What great finds! My husband and daughter both read The Heavenly Man and said it was very eye opening. But they liked it.
    Have a fabulous day my friend.

  7. Those old homemaking books look quite lovely - feel free to share any good tips!

    I also had a bit of a go at the books yesterday. After visiting my favorite local used book place, I brought home five new books, including two books by the real Maria Van Trapp - thought of you when I bought them! Am starting to run out of shelf room again....ooops!

  8. What a blessing! It is like Christmas! Don't you just love when God overflows you with encouragement?

  9. Oh it does sound like the *perfect* day! You found some real treasures and I can't wait to read what you share from them. (o:

  10. Oh how fun was this - just like going to a flea market for books - I could have stayed all day! AND you did have the right equipment - love your market bag - I have one like that for the flea market. Bet you had it weighed down before the day was over!I am always intriqued by the books you read~~


  11. oh wow! I also LOVE those book fairs as you know:)
    They are so exciting and you have come away with some great treasures!
    We have also found some great christian books that were fairly new at those sales - makes you wonder doesn't it:)


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