Ruby and Brenin

Did I ever tell you that I don't enjoy cleaning the bathroom - in fact I have been out-sourcing it to my son for many years.  But today he had to work, so I had to do my own cleaning and Ruby decided to help by climbing into the bathtub and watch me!! These are the photos I took of her in the tub.

Even though Ruby is only part Ragdoll she has behaving just like one. One feature of a Ragdoll is habitually lying on their backs with their back legs flattened out and "arms" sticking straight up in the air—Ruby does this all the time, even when she is cleaning her paws—I can’t help but rub her tummy and laugh at her, she thinks she is very clever. 

Do you remember the story I wrote about Brenin (our Doberman) who broke his front toe.  Next Wednesday he is back at the vet to have an operation to remove a unusual lump on his back (which appeared within the last few weeks) — the vet tells us it’s the sort that can turn into cancer.  DH is taking next Thursday and Friday off to look after the patient!! After Brenin broke his toe, we decided to take out pet insurance which pays for all operations except the first $100 so this operation won’t be too expensive.  Brenin and the vet are now best of mates!!
* * * 

Gorgeous day outside.  After raining off-and-on all week, today is sunny and 15C. I can feel spring in the air. 


  1. Those photos are adorable! In one, it looks like she is poking her tongue at you, then the next, it looks like she is winking! What a character!

    The pet insurance is a good idea, especially as you have a few of them. Can I ask you which company you are using and is it expensive? Have thought about this ourselves, as labs can have problems with their hips when they get older.

  2. Amanda - Our pet insurance is through Medibank Private, we get a small discount because our own health insurance is also through Medibank Private. We are paying $15 per fortnight - $360 per year. We have to pay $100 for each claim - however the operation on Wednesday will cost around $600 and we pay $100. It includes desexing but not the annual vaccinations.

    We had one Doberman who cost us over $1000 to remove a cancer (went on to live for another 5 years). If we had the insurance we would have paid $100. Per year we are covered for $12,000.

    Ruby is so cute!!

  3. Wow Jo!! That is so worth having! $15 barely buys bread and milk for the week, so I would say that is a fantastic deal!

    Vets are so expensive, so it is wise. When we first got Darcy, as a puppy, he got very sick after the first week we had him. It would have been handy having the insurance then, as we were constantly at the vets. Does it include any medications? I'm guessing the answer is no, only vet expenses.

  4. Amanda - check out this link - we have the Silver Paw Cover, medications are included, however we still need to pay the first $100. There are different plans, so it would be worth looking at the others and make a comparison. it was really easy to set up - the only thing I need to do is take the form to the vet for each visit and they complete their part and then I post it off and wait for the refund. You do need to pay upfront before you get the money back.

  5. thanks for that Jo, will check it out :-)

  6. Adorable photos! Pets are such a gift from the Lord. (o:

    I hope everything goes well with Brenin's surgery.


  7. Jo: apart from the great info on insurance you have solved another puzzle for me. Our kittens, as you know, came from the shelter & we knew nothing about their background & they are the oddesct cats! Marlow will follow me round & flop at my feet, belly up, back legs flat to the floor, front ones in the air ~ so I am thinking he's got rag doll in him. Also a really sweet disposition & when you pick him up he just collapses. His brother has far more ginger in him but he lies the same way quite often.

    BTW, your Ruby is too gorgeous for words. Just as well I'm taken. ;D

  8. Ganeida - do your cats have different type of fur - Ragdolls have fur that is more like rabbit fur that the normal cat fur. Ruby does, it was the first thing I noticed about her.

    Ragdolls also have a very gentle loving disposition which is why they are such a sort after cat breed.

  9. If by rabbit fur you mean incredibly soft, then yes. Marlow in particular. Kirby's is a little coarser but still very soft. Both cats are incredibly gentle & loving. Even when they're cross [as in they've had enough of me grooming them] they never lash out.


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