Childhood memories: #4

Wise words from Laura Ingalls Wilder

I am beginning to learn that it is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all.

If enough people think of a thing and work hard enough at it, I guess it's pretty nearly bound to happen, wind and weather permitting.

  Once you begin being naughty, it is easier to go and on and on, and sooner or later something dreadful happens.

Oh no, I never do much ironing, except the outside clothes. We must not iron out the fresh air and sunshine, you know. It is much more healthful not to, the doctors say.” Seriously, there is something very refreshing about sheets and pillow slips just fresh from the line, after being washed and dried in the sun and air. Just try them that way and see if your sleep is not sweeter.  

Remember well, and bear in mind, a constant friend is hard to find.

The only stupid thing about words is the spelling of them.

I love the quote on ironing - I am with Laura on this one, there is nothing better than taking sheets off the line after a sunny day, they smell like sunshine and wonderful to lie on in bed!! And as for spelling - once again Laura and I are thinking the same thoughts - spelling and I are not best of friends!!!
A couple of weeks ago I mentioned how much I loved the "Anne" books, another series I grew up with was the "Laura" books and I LOVED them.  I still do.  I wanted to move to American and live in a log cabin, travel in a wagon and eat maple syrup (which of course I didn't have a clue of the taste).   They simply capture the readers imagine and take you back to the early days of American settlement.  After reading this series of books I felt I knew the USA a lot better, I probably didn't really know very much at all. 

Interestedly I still like the idea of living in a log cabin, (not that Laura's log cabin probably looked like this one!) they see to have a cosy feel to them  -- of course with a roaring fire at one end (with an Irish Wolfhound lying in front of the warmth) and lots of throw rugs (for my cats to sleep on of course)!!  They aren't very common in Australia and unfortunately a fire risk in many parts of the country.  But a girl can always dream!!!!

Whats your dream home?

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  1. I love the Little House books. We don't live too far from that homestead, and toured her house. It was wonderful.

    I like the part in the stories about how they ironed their clothing even though it was just them out on the prairies with nobody to see! Good for morale and practice for not getting lazy.

  2. Love that series - I never read them ALL before, but we're getting through them now (I'm reading them aloud to the kids)...

    I'm a log cabin dreamer too - and so is Dan! :)

  3. I always dreamt of a house with a verandah all the way around. Seemed like a lot of fun! A big house too, with lots of space to entertain. BUT when it all comes down to it, I love my little house (less cleaning) and the kids would drive you nuts running around the verandah! My front porch is perfect for me!!! =)

  4. "I wanted to move to American and live in a log cabin, travel in a wagon and eat maple syrup "
    Aahh, didn't we all!
    Dream home, hmmm...not too fussy but I am partial to old Queenslanders, being one myself:-)

  5. My dream home would have a wrap around deck and a huge yard. Someday, but I am certainly content with my home now. Especially since I never thought I could afford it and seeing how the Lord's divine providence made it possible.

  6. For me? A big, elaborate non-pink Victorian era Queen Anne, of course!

    You won't believe this, but there have actually been attempts made to ban some of the Little House books because they carry some racial stereotypes and offensive language. Can you believe that?!

  7. I grew up watching the Little House of the Prairie... it used to air once every week. I loved it although I only every read the original book, not the series.

    My dream home would a little house on 2 acres ;) Room for some cats and dogs would be lovely, and no one to say we can't let them inside (ie landlords lol).

  8. Jo,

    Oh, I used to love the "Little House" books when I was a young girl as well. In fact, I still have my entire "Litte House" book series in my home.

    The quotes regarding the ironing as well as the "stupidity of words" were my favorite quotes too.

    My dream home? A nice house somewhere in the country with tall grass, flowers, beautiful meadows, and a little creek or stream of water near-by. LOL. I don't think this place exist except in my daydreams. :)


    -Lady Rose

  9. My dream home? A small yellow craftsman style house with a wide and long front porch and a red front door...fruit trees, SMALL vegetable garden and flowers growing here and there and everywhere...and with a view. That's not too much to ask, is it?

  10. Mrs Santos, I had to google "craftsman style homes" as I wasn't sure what they looked like. Once I saw the picture I was familiar with them, just didn't know they were called by this name! Learn something every day.

    Any house I lived in would have a huge garden and lots and lots of flowers. I would also like a vegetable garden, sadly I don't have the space for one at the moment,


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