I've been tagged . . .

I have been tagged by two lovely ladies, thank you Amanda at My Secret Garden and  Lady Rose at A Queen in Her Castle.

Thankyou ladies. Instead of doing two of these I have combine the questions (as several were the same) - enjoy.   

1.Where did you meet your husband, generally speaking?
Workplace romance.

2. What is one of your most favourite movies?
I couldn’t think of just one movie, so here are three favourites: “I am David”, “Miss Potter” and “An Affair to Remember”.  As to mini-series this would have to include: Emma (2009), Pride and Prejudice (BBC) and Jane Eyre (2006).


3. If you could have any career your what would it be?
Owner of a small bookstore as in the movie “You’ve got Mail” with a little reading nook and perhaps a spot to enjoy Devenshire tea.

4. What character in the bible do you really relate to the most
Elizabeth, she never ceased trusting God, even though she didn’t understand why she was still barren “For with God nothing shall be impossible.” Luke 1:37 (It is also the name of my sister that I will one day meet in heaven.)

5. Where did you get married, what town/city
Adelaide at the registry office.

6. What makes you laugh easily?
A funny movie or story.  It doesn’t take much to make me laugh—sometimes it is hard for me to stop, especially when I get the giggles.

7. If you could live in another country, which one would be?
New Zealand, very beautiful (not overcrowded) and not that far from Australia so I could still fly to see my family.  Otherwise Canada, but that would be far too far from home!!  If my husband had any say he would say Britain, the home of his birth.

8. Name five favourite activities that I like to do?
Reading (couldn't live without this activity), gardening (a big favourite in spring and Autumn), photography, card making, cooking (can become a chore when I do it every day).

9. What is my most challenging household chore?  Briefly explain why it is challenging?
Cleaning the oven – the foam I use smells horrible, the oven is usually dirty and greasy - and it involves having to stick my head in the oven!  It isn't a task I do very often and sometimes my DH will do it for me!!

10. What is the happiest day of my life? (cannot count married or engagement).
The birth of my sons, nothing can beat that.

 11. What annoys or irritates you the most?
There is a couple of things that come to mind – people who sniff, people who speed. Forgot, people who leave empty contains in the fridge - they don't have legs and I have to move them myself. I don't run a hotel!!!

12. Write a six-line poem of rhyming couplets?

I sit here struggling to write
Not a word comes into sight.

What shall I do, I must not cry
So instead I will go and eat meat pie.

That’s it, I've had enough,
I will move from pie to cream puff!


  1. oh Jo! I LOVED reading your answers! Wow, your post was the most amazing in terms of layout, with all those gorgeous little pictures! What a treasure you are!

    I am with you 100% on the oven cleaning. I have done more ovens this year than ever before because of our cleaning business. We have not done too many these last months, so I am thankful for that as that cleaning foam aka Mr Muscle etc, is quite horrible to work with on a regular basis.

    Once again, I enjoyed your answers immensely and thank you for playing along... you're a good sport!

  2. Great answers! It was fun learning more about you. I had "tagged" you too but I suppose you'd hate to do another one...lol!

    Well, you can just answer my questions in my comments if you want.


  3. Jo, this was a lovely 'get to know more about you' post. I agree about the oven too:-( I can't clean mine with any caustic substance because of chemical allergies so my hubby scrubs it when needed. Love all the pics- especially the photo of the babe in the hands!! Beautiful! Have a great weekend.

  4. You have to clean ovens? Wow, learn something new every day! ;D

    Interesting answers, Jo.

  5. Jo, I meant to say, that poem was too cute! It made me laugh ;)

    You're so Aussie with your mention of a meat pie :P

  6. Jo,

    LOL! Your poem put a smile on my face. :) I have been reading some of the poems my other blogger friends wrote from my tag and they have all been unique, fun, and entertaining. :)

    You have to use oven cleaner to clean your oven? Ugh! I guess we have a newer model. On my oven, it has a feature called, "auto clean." You push the botton, set the time, and it self-cleans the oven for you. All you do is clean it with a damp cloth when it's finished. I wish you could have one of these types of ovens.

    Lastly, I laughed about leaving empty containers in the frig. I thought I was the only woman who had experiences with that. :)

    It was GREAT to read your responses to these questions. Take care. :)


    -Lady Rose

  7. Hi Jo,

    Met husband: age 19 on 4th of July 1985.
    Favorite movie: Elf

    Career of choice: Work for travel chanel
    Bible relate to: Both Mary & Martha
    I laugh at: Almost everything, love to laugh

    What Country: Italy, so romantic/beautiful

    6 Line Poem:
    You'll have to go to my blog post, I'm all rhymed-out for now (Hee Hee)

    I liked your answers, and it lets me get to know you better.

    God bless always,
    Michele Katherine

  8. Rosemi, I will go over and check out the questions. I might do it for next weekend. Thye are quite fun.

    Now ladies, time to get out of bed and do some things. What a lazy girl I am to day.

  9. Ganeida stole my oven comment!
    Loved the little ditty and the little facts about you.
    Have a good weekend.

  10. Yes Ganeida and Ruby - I do have a dirty oven, but with the door shut I can't see it, therefore I don't worry about it!!

    Just about to use it though to make ginger snaps!!

  11. This was great...I enjoyed reading!
    I love "you got mail" because of her bookstore and would love to have one also!
    You would be great as a book store owner if your blog is any indication of your gifts...it would be a success.
    Blessings from Texas

  12. Lady Rose, I recently heard about those self-cleaning ovens. I do believe we have them in Australia but they are very expensive, from what I've been told. They sound like a dream!

    The thing is, if you are diligent in using those roasting bags, there shouldn't be too much of a mess. But of course, not everything can go in those ;)

  13. Amanda - yes, you can get self-cleaning ovens but they are expensive, they heat up the oven to a very high temperature so use a lot of power. A bit of elbow grease won't hurt DH from time to time!!!

  14. This was great, Jo! Your poem was so funny!! I must remember to not sniff when I next see you... ;) LOL! Have you been to NZ? I would love to go there to visit sometime...
    I hate cleaning ovens too... Ovens, grills, fridges... they are all HORRIBLE to clean!!

  15. No Clara I have never been to NZ but would love to one day. See plenty of programmes of the country that shows its beauty.

    My dad strongly disliked sniffing and we were never allowed to sniff, this is were I get my dislike of it from!!

  16. Jo, you will never want to leave NZ if you go there! It is so beautiful... like a mini Europe. So many different facets to such a small country.

    I dislike sniffing too... I dislike it that much that I usually hand a person a tissue if they do it repeatedly in front of me ;)

  17. I have a self cleaning oven a 900 mm pride of the kitchen!! (yes it is mine, I use it, despite my masculine status) and it is self cleaning HAHAHAHAHA. It self cleans the sides and the back, but not the bottom, nor the door, where the spatter builds up on the glass. I cleaned it the other day (second time in six years!!) as like my DS (dear sister0 it is not a favourite job. Love your poem, and the subject matter!! Is "I am David" a movie of the book by Chaim Potok? If so, and you have it as DVD bring it when you come. LL S

  18. These are always *such fun* to read! You are a very interesting and funny lady. (o:

  19. Stephen - no "I am David" is quite different, Nick told me about it. It is a beautiful film - you would like it. I can bring it with me in Dec.


  20. Enjoyed reading your responses. Adding the pictures was such a cute thought!


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