The simple woman's daybook: #2

Outside my window - The sun is finally shining through the clouds, after a very bleak day yesterday and many millemetres of rain with more this morning.  Even though the sun is shining the wind is icy cold and winter attire is required.  The heating has been on all day. 

What am I thinking - About how much I love a Saturday, being at home pottering about.  I am also thinking (right now) that the mouse I currently have is terrible (it wants to move in the opposite direction to where I am pushing it) and needs to be replaced-very soon!!  It is as bad as having a wonky shopping trolley:)

What am I thankful for - The rain God has provided that is filling up our dams ready for summer. They have now over 80%, the first time in 10 years.

What am I wearing - A long demin skirt with a grey long sleeve t-shirt. Purple slippers on the feet for comfort and warmth.

I am going - I have been out this morning to buy some pans to cook Bienenstich tomorrow + to buy a footstool so I can rest my weary feet after a busy day!!  It's the sort that I can store things inside it, great idea when storage in limited.  I also picked up a Jane Eyre movie (ok, I already own 2 others!!).

I am reading - I am almost completed the life of Beatrix Potter (very interesting and not quite the same as portrayed in the movie "Miss Potter) and in the evenings I am reading "Keep a Quiet Heart" by Elisabeth Elliot.

I am hoping - Just the usual that any mother hopes for - that her children are kept safe.

From the kitchen - Tonight's dinner is cooking - Beef and mushroom in red wine with suet dumplings (my DH loves dumplings).  Tandoori chicken is cooking in the oven, this is for another night.

Around the house - It is clean and tidying, the washing is dry and on the bed (Charlie is lying on top of it) and all I need to do is a quick dust later on.

What can I hear - Beautiful music and the sound of a dog barking.

One of my favourite things - Chocolate self-saucing puddings on a cold winters night!

A few plans for the rest of the week - Send off some birthday cards, order some books for my son on chichlids and work on a photo album this week.

Verse for the day - "My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience" James 1:2-3 (NKJ)

My picture of the day - I was planning a photo today - one of a rose that I picked from my garden last night.  I wanted to make sure that it didn't get battered with the wind and rain.  It was a beautiful bud, coral colour, the first rose of spring.  Where is it?  When I got up this morning the rug in the kitchen was covered in petals, it looked so pretty . . . Ruby was in the lounge room looking very innocent.  So much for saving the rose.  Here is another photo - this one was taken at Floraide, I saw a young girl taking a photo and I thought her umbella was so pretty I took a photo of it with the flowers in the background. 

PS as I finish this the sun has now gone away and it looks like it is about to rain again.

* * *


  1. Jo, I enjoyed your daybook! We have been having lots of rainy, and/or overcast weather lately too, but, I can't imagine you needing winter attire, when it is quite humid here! It is amazing when you think that we live in the same country!

    Oh dear, poor Ruby! LOL She should go join Ganeida's cat, after the stamp episode! haha!

    Never mind the rose, the photo you used is just beautiful! I love it.. what a beautiful umbrella, as well as flowers.

    Your dinner sounds great... enjoy your evening1

  2. Yes, the picture is lovely.

    I just enjoy making big pots of soups and stews especially on days like today when the cold weather is kicking in.

    I have a foot stool that I store under my living room coffee table which I hardly use. Your mention reminded me just how comfortable it is:0)

    Enjoy your weekend.
    Peace Jo.

  3. I hate those shopping trolleys you mention that will not go where you want them too. So does Dan - in the States, shopping carts go where you want them to because the rear wheels are locked. I have no idea why they don't make them like that here.

    The rain is wonderful, isn't it? We were out today, admiring the greeness and beauty of the spring... but BOY, is it COLD today!!

    That's too bad about the rose :( What kind of roses do you grow (big or small or both?)? Dolly is keen to have her own rosebush, but we'd have to get one that does well in a pot...

  4. Clara-I have 6 roses, use to have more but they died. I found the old fashion roses did the best- they seem to be tougher, my fancy ones that smelt wonderful got all the bugs and were really fussy. I cant remember all their names, but one of my hardy ones is called "Oranges and Lemons" and another called "Fresisa". I have a couple of carpet roses that are quite good but you can't pick their flowers.

    It was freezing here today, the wind was bitting. But the end of the coming week we will be up to 22C.

  5. Oh that picture is beautiful and sorry about your rose. I'm sure it was beautiful too.
    You're also making me want to come over for dinner. Yum!! But since it's going to rain, I better not. LOL!
    Have a fabulous weekend my friend.

  6. Ok - dumb American question. Is a shopping trolley what you push in the grocery store and fill up with groceries? Just checking....we call them shopping carts.

  7. Yes Val you are quite right, I didn't know you had a different name for this item!

    Ruby, fish quite correct. I only learnt this new word a few months ago! My son loves fish and has an aquarium.

  8. Jo,

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your daybook thoughts. They are much more detailed and interesting than mine.

    Wobbly carts at the supermarket are a pain. If I start rolling one and it starts wobbling, I quickly exchange it for another one. However, sometimes, this is not possible.

    Cats are naughty creatures sometimes, aren't they? They always look "innocent" after thay have done something naughty. Mine are the same way. Your "back-up picture" was just as lovely. I like the color of the purple umbrella against the purple flowers. :)


    -Lady Rose

  9. Hi Jo~ I love your picture...looks like a post card or greeting card. This was an interesting post because so many things are "unknown" to me. What are suet dumplings? chichilds? self-saucing puddings?

    But I DID know what a shopping trolley was...only I didn't know you were talking about your computer mouse at first...LOL. "What is she pushing a mouse around for?" My head was in the clouds I guess.

    I also found it interesting you said "millemeters of rain"...It's so fun to read the daily things from other countries. Hope you are well and rested this weekend.

  10. Mrs Santos, it's funny that 2 countries that speak english uses different words.

    1. Suet dumplings are very English and are made of suet (the fat from an cow)and mixed with flour and cold water and madd into dumplings and added to stews, a little like adding scone dumplings. I buy suet that looks very much like flour. It isn't very healthy but hue English like their suet dumplings as they are very filling.

    2. Chichilds are a type of small fish that can be kept in aquariums. They are quite easy to keep

    3. Self saucing puddings is also very english and when made the pudding divides and a sause is "created" on the bottom with a crusty sponge on top. It is quite clever the way it does it in the oven.

    4. We use the metric measure in Australia which is why I referred to the millimetres of rain.

    Does that help or have I confused you!!

    Yes I was referring to my dreadful mouse that doesn't do as it is told.


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