Very grey where I live so I am indoors
baking, reading and watching a DVD.

A lovely way to spend my afternoon.

Just finished cooking (and tasting) Pumpkin Cookies and they have turned out so well (this is from a really good cooking blog).  When my sons ask me what these cookies are I will call them "spicy cookies" and drop the word pumpkin as this will just put them off eating them, the fact is you can't really taste any pumpkin!!  The only thing I did differently was add walnuts to the mixture and sprinkled grounded walnuts on top (instead of pecans).  It would also be nice with sultanas.  Makes the kitchen smell so nice.

Ruby update

Sitting on the chair in the sun.
Lying in the shopping basket - helping me put away the groceries!
Alien cat (I didn't try to make this happen - it just did)

Have a lovely weekend - ours is 3 days long with the Labour Day holiday on Monday.

* * *


  1. These cookies look and sound delicious! I would love them with sultana's too!

    It is a rainy, windy dreary day here... perfect for watching dvd's too.

    Love Ruby... but the alien one is a little scary!! lol!

  2. wow those look great! Jo, did you actually puree the pumpkin? would a bit of pumpkin soup do - trying to take the lazy route here:)
    It's rainy over here too btw, back to winter!

  3. Rosemary, I steamed and puréed the pumpkin, the soup would be far too runny.

  4. I'm so glad they turned out - I'll have to try them next time we have some pumpkin!
    It's been really wet here today, so we spent part of the day baking in the kitchen too, and I spent the rest of the day doing more "spring" cleaning! :)
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Those cats eyes are really freaky! Wouldn't like to run into them on a dark night.
    Enjoy your weekend. It keeps clouding over here as well but no rain the last few days.

  6. Jo,

    Your cookies look delicious! I might make some for my husband sometime.

    Btw, your "alien cat picture" is a bit . . . scary. We have an "alien cat picture" of one of our cats as well. It's bizzarre how the camera does that to the eyes of cats sometimes.

    Anyway, have a blessed day.

    -Lady Rose

  7. Your day sounds lovely. It is wet & windy here too [Sunday now] ugh. Am going to make a milk coffee & look for chocolate but with both girls home my chances are slim! ☺

  8. Ganeida, I am lying in bed with my breakfast and iPad! It is the first day of day light saving, so I have just lost one hour. Instead of being 8:30, it is already 9:30!!

    Have a nice day:)

  9. Oh Jo! I do sympathise! I used to hate daylight saving. It always confused me. ☺

  10. Thanks Jo, I will have to try those cookies sometime, they look great!


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