Complete trivia!!

On the 23rd November, 1913, the Violet Crumble bar came into being in Melbourne, Australia — why am I blogging about this— to celebrate my favourite chocolate bar on its 97th birthday!

It’s creator (Abel Hoadley) wanted to call his new bar just “Crumble”, but learned that it was not possible to protect the name with a trademark. He thought of his wife (Susannah) and her favourite flower, the violet, and registered the name Violet Crumble, using a purple wrapper with a small flower logo.  Isn’t that romantic.
Hoadley, a devout Methodist, treated his staff very well, support the Pay Board and was known for having premises that were praised for their cleanliness, airiness and well-equipped dining rooms.

What is your favourite chocolate bar?

P.S. When I eat Violet Crumble (or any chocolate in fact ) I always freeze it first and once it has gone crunchy, sit down with a cup of tea and my icy cold chocolate.  Delicious.  Just need to be careful when eating frozen toffee chocolate in case you pull out a filling!!

P.S.S.  In case you are wondering —no I don’t like Crunchie, a bar trying to pretend it is a Violet Crumble.


  1. Isn't that interesting how he came up with the name for Violet Crumbles?! :) I like them too, but not cold like that. And I don't like Crunchies either.

  2. Mmmm 'Violent Rumbles' are my favourites as well. Crunchies are just not the same.

  3. Chokito is my favourite, though Violet Crumble would run a close second!

  4. interesting history about Violet Crumble. I'd have to say my favourite is a "Picnic" bar!

  5. Jo, you might be interested to know that Violet Crumble is one of my favorite candy bars (but I almost never eat candy bars like that any more).

    Years ago, when I was in my late teens or so, our local grocery store in a small town in Michigan, US, started carrying them - imported from Australia. I got one "just to try" and liked it a lot! :-) They are not common here, but I think they can still be purchased at World Market.

    There is a kind of candy sold here in some areas called "Sea Foam" which is quite similar. Dan and I have made Sea Foam together. It's a bit different than the Violet Crumble, but it can be made at home. ;-) It's fun because it's one of those reaction type things where baking soda reacts in the candy syrup with vinegar added at the last and then it foams up and you pour it out right away without messing too much with it. Scientific candy. :-)

  6. Mary - I love Violet Crumble too, I usually freeze it and it eat it frozen - has more crunch!! Its also really nice in icee-cream:))) We also have something called Crunchy that is no way near as nice or crunchy as Violet Crumble.

    I have also made it for my sons when they were small, its a good science experiment as you say!!


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