I was tagged a couple of weeks ago by Women of God (thank-you bloggy friend), here are my responses. . . enjoy!!

Where do you dream of traveling to one day, and why?
Being a romantic who likes to take photos I would have to go to: Great Britain, France, Switzerland (ok, most of Europe) - I would take 1000's of photos of old buildings, the Alps and fields of lavender!!

What do you like to do for fun?
These might not sound like fun to others, but I enjoy doing these things:
  • Reading (or watching a DVD) on my favourite chair with a mug of tea and a chocolate brownie (or two) with a blanket over my lap wearing slippers (does this sound like I am really old?)
  • Gardening on a warm spring day
  • Going out for lunch with friends or enjoying an afternoon tea with fancy china
  • Buying a pair of shoes, books or something crafty
  • Going on a picnic  and lying on thick green lush grass under a tree
  • A day trip to the sea or mountains - stopping at a few second-hand shops or craft stores (with a comfortable seat for DH to sit in while I browse)
  • Cooking bad things like those brownies
  • Sleeping in
What style of music do you prefer and why?
Christian music (but nothing modern), classical, 1980's music, Celtic and the occasional modern easy listening music.  I also enjoy some jazz like Norah Jones.
What movies or TV shows do you like and why? 
I don't tend to watch TV shows on TV, I buy them as DVD's and watch them when it is convenient to me - with NO ads!   At the moment I am enjoying:
  • Foyles War - this is excellent series and so British.
  • Larkrise to Candleford - historical series set in the late 1800's in Britain
  • Jonathan Creek - another British series solving murder mysteries
  • History of Britain - a very lengthy documentary
  • Coal House - 3 families going back in time to 1927 coal mining town in Wales - what tough lives the Welsh miners lived
  • Agatha Christie series. 
  • Walking the Bible -  three part series of the Middle East travelling through the places in the first 5 books of the Bible
What frustrates you and why?
  • People who are rude, mean and do not consider others around them - happy to hurt other peoples feelings. 
  • People who take your car-park even though they can see that you are about to turn into it.
  • People who can not turn up on time and have no excuses for being late.
  • People who leave dirty dishes in my sink!
What is your favourite food? And for dessert? 
I love chicken caesar salad with ranch dressing and as for dessert, cheesecake would have to be a big favourite.  But I am very fond of chocolate cake and pavlova. I do have a sweet tooth but try hard (but I am not very good) about limiting the intake of sweet foods!
What is your favourite colour? 
It is hard to only have one favourite colour, so here are a couple: red, pink and purple

Do you prefer cool or warmer weather and why?
I enjoy the warmer weather of spring and autumn - however I am not fond of the really hot weather we get in summer.  The ideal temperature would be 25-28C (77-82F).


  1. I really enjoyed reading your
    answers and getting to know
    a bit more about you.

  2. Very interesting, Jo! :)
    I share a lot of the same interests and favourites...
    And as for people who take your carpark space... I am not a road rage person and I usually stay calm behind the wheel, but that makes me really cranky when someone does that. It is so inconsiderate and rude!!

  3. Ooh, another Jonathon Creek fan! I adore that series. Actually the dvds you mentioned are amongst the few things I can actually stand to watch on t.v. I have almost no patience to sit & watch anything.

    I like reading & gardening too. ;}

  4. I like the sound of the comfy chair, book or dvd with a soft blanket! My idea of relaxing...

    Enjoyed reading your answers Jo!

  5. I enjoyed getting to know you too Jo. I do not think you sound old...lol! That actually sounds like fun, sitting and watching a dvd and eating a brownie. :p

    Thank you for posting your answers!

  6. Always good to get to know our bloggy friends more.
    And most of those things you listed sound like fun to me....but then perhaps some would say I am really old, too!

  7. What frustrates you and why?, I loved your answers!!
    I can agree; however, I am guilty of leaving dishes in the sink, and that frustrates my husband.
    Michele Katherine

  8. I also have a sweet tooth and I am trying to limit my intake but it taste oh so good:) Self control Syd!!!

  9. Thanks for sharing Jo, it was good to get to know you a little more.
    I love Agatha Christie too:)

  10. I always enjoy reading these, it makes me feel like I know a bit more about you. (o:

  11. So nice to learn some more things about you Jo~~

    We are just finishing watching the entire series of Foyles War - absolutely love this series and so sad that we have come to the end! Do you have another favorite that we should consider? I have also loved the "All Creatures Great and Small" series, BallykissAngel, and the Duchess of Duke Street series. Am also watching McLeods Daughters right now - love that one too!



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