This handsome young man is my grandfather, he would have been in his twenty's when this was taken - rather dashing. 

My brothers and I mucking about in summer!!
Being ladylike wasn't something I was considering much at the age of 2!

My mum (in her twenty's) with her niece and nephew.
What a pretty dress she was wearing.



  1. Great photographs, Jo!
    I love family photos which have the car in them. It really sets the date well. Dresses from our mothers era are lovely aren't they? and they all seemed to have such neat little waists.

  2. Oh my gosh Jo - these photos are awsome! Yes - your grandfather was so very handsome. Don't you love the photos from that era. The photo of you and your siblings is precious - such a charming way to capture you all at play. And your Mother is absolutely a beautiful woman. She looks like a movie star sitting there - she is lovely.

    Thanks for sharing these - I so love to see photos like this!


  3. All your photos are just beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  4. They're priceless treasures, Jo!Family is such a gift and good memories live on and on..
    many blessings..Trish

  5. Great pics - I love old photos. Who are the niece and nephew in the last pic? And is that FAB in the first pic, or your other grandfather? Check out the height and stiffness of his collar! I imagine if he moved his head the wrong way that might have been quite uncomfortable - maybe that helped them all to walk with that stiff "Victorian" posture in those days?? :)

  6. Clara, yes it is FAB and he wore those collars for many years, I think long after they went out of fashion. You would think the collar would rub against the neck and make it sore.

    The two children are David and Rosemary.

  7. Wow, yeah, the collar looks like it would produce a lot of discomfort.
    Been thinking about those old cars like in the last pic... There is something really nice about the look of old cars; they have a lot more 'character' and interest to the designs/shape of them etc... And yet despite liking them so much more, I don't think I'd like to actually own one - we are so spoilt with a/c these days; back in those days rolling the windows down was your air-conditioning! :/

  8. Thank You for sharing these photos. I like reading and watching about the past, the life of people and watching old photos - they have something uncommon. They are so cute.

  9. These are wonderful. I filled an open old suitcase with black and white pictures of my husband's family and my own. My mother-in-law (age 95) came into the house and started going through them telling stories about each was many from 1912 up!

  10. What lovely momentos you have Jo.

    Your grandfather looks so regal in the picture.

    The one of you playing around is adorable.
    I have many pictures of my dear mother when she was young and I treasure them. Your mother looks just lovely sitting there wearing those beautiful pearls.

    Thanks for sharing.

  11. Love the dress - and that car! We occasionally see such vintage vehicles around here in the summer time, as Michigan is a big auto state, and people here love to collect them. I would love to own a classic car someday, though that would mean that I'd have to learn how to drive a stick shift!


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