Random photos

The view from my front porch just after a thunderstorm.
It looked like the sky was on fire.
A snail enjoying the damp humid weather.
Eating one of my daisies.
Snails are welcome in my garden as long as they stay away from the annuals!
Pig face (belongs to the succulent family)
For one week a year it bursts into flower and adds vibrant colour to the garden. The remainder of the year it is an ugly ground cover!

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Happy weekend

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  1. That snail photo is amazing!

    I have just scheduled a post with some photos taken on that evening after the storm. Here, in our part of Canberra, the sky didn't turn red but it was as if the air did! Quite different.

    My pigface is beautiful at the moment, such a cheerful plant this time of year. I have a yellow one too.

  2. Jo,

    What neat photos! The first one with the sky "on fire" is my favorite!


    -Lady Rose

  3. Wow Jo! these are great! My hubby and I like to take photos after storms too. The light is amazing. I LOVE the red sky-it's just fabulous! You are blessed to see this from your home :-) many blessings..Trish

  4. Great photos, Jo! I am partial to clouds & colours. Love that one. Hope you had a great weekend.

  5. Love the red sky! and the snail!

  6. Gorgeous pictures, Jo! The sky one is my favourite :)
    Although I don't like snails at all, that is a great pic of the snail!! :)

  7. Beautiful...all of God's creation is so beautiful! It just shouts of His majesty!

  8. The red sky is so amazing! I'd frame that one. It's nice to know that you are enjoying some warm weather while we are wrapping up in our scarves!

    The children and I all laughed at the name of those flowers (pig face). Never heard that before.

    Blessings to you.

  9. Mrs Santos - I have no idea why the plant is called "pigface" as it looks nothing like a pig, in fact when in flower it is very beautiful.

    After months of winter, it is lovely to have warm weather, however I don't like the humidity, which is very unusual for this part of Australia. It makes my hair go very curly, which I don't like at all!

  10. Gorgeous! I particularly love the first one....stormy skies are so pretty.

  11. I love the photos Jo! Especially that gorgeous red sky!

    Hope your doing well my friend... you must be counting down till your holidays!

    ps. did your hubby get away to his mother's? Praying all goes well for him...

  12. Amanda - yes he did, with his mother day. I don' think she will be with us much longer. Prayers very welcome, thankyou.

  13. What an amazing thunderstorm photo - that is stunning! All of your photos are so beautiful Jo - you always bring your photos to life!



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