10 things I did this week

1. Baked my first loaves of bread - I made a Jewish bread called Challah - however I didn't plait mine as you are meant to as making it was stressful enough! I thought it tasted very nice, DH wasn't as keen and said it tasted more like a cake than bread but my sons thought it was pretty good.

2. Cleaned out the kitchen cupboards, being quite ruthless about what to toss in the bin and what to keep - now I have heaps more space - to fill up!  Gave my eldest son a large cooking pot as he wanted to cook a piece of silverside - this gave me some extra room!

3. DH played on the swings on one of our walks and show me how to jump off.  I wasn't game enough to jump like him as I didn't want to break any bones! DH did take one photo of me but it was not very nice so I won't be publishing it!

4. Went to the post-Christmas sales and bought one skirt for $14 (reduced from $40) plus a couple of t-skirts that weren't on sale and some small plastic containers for the kitchen (1/2 price).  I also bought two 2011 calendars - one for study and one for the loo (bathroom) reduced by 40%. 

5. Defrosted the small upright freezer - I did this on a very hot day so it melted quickly and I stayed cool!  I only do this job once a year in summer as it isn't something I really enjoy.  Fortunately the  big fridge/freezer doesn't need defrosting as it kindly does the job for me.

6. Watched the setting sun through the trees.  This was taken 10 mins for our home in a park surrounded by houses.
7. Baked Cowboy Cookies which were ok, but not what I expected them to taste like.  They were a little too dry even though I followed the recipe - I am use to Anzac biscuits that are much chewier and soft in the middle.  I made half with no sultanas for my eldest son and half with sultanas for my youngest son.

8. Played around with my camera taking photos of this red dwarf Dahlia - I was very pleased with the results.  I planted lots of dwarf Dahlias in the garden in many different colours so I have be busy photographing other colours  - but won't bore you with all those photos. The hand in the second photo is mine, I held the flower in one hand and the camera in the other!!

9. Finished reading "The Tudor Housewife" by Alison Sim - a great book that I will share snippets from in coming weeks.  All I can say is these women were multi-skilled and highly talented.  Watched Toy Story 3 and thought was quite entertaining and funny in parts.

10. Chased birds - no one is too old to chase birds! There were 100's of them eating grass seeds - I'm sure they weren't to pleased with me disrupting their dinner! 


PS This week my son used his Christmas money to buy a 15 kg rock for his fish tank . . .  it is currently under his bed as he doesn't have the 6 foot fish tank yet!


  1. This was such a funny post, Jo!! :) Wow, a 15kg rock!! That dahlia is very pretty; brings back childhood memories as my mother loved to grow dahlias... And I don't blame you for being a bit cautious about jumping from the swing!!! :)

  2. What a great week..I baked that bread this year for my first time...I braided it...and we enjoyed it, but it is sweeter than bread.
    I love the chasing birds, and the flower is just beautiful.
    Looks like a very productive and fun week...enjoyed reading!

  3. Jo,

    That bread looks absolutely beautiful! I wish I could try it! ;)

    That's funny that your DH was jumping off and trying to get you to do it with him. Yep, I used to jump off when I was younger but now that's just not my thing!

    Happy New Year! May it be full of God's glorious kindnesses and may you feel His closeness even more for you and all yours.

    ~Mrs A

  4. What a wonderful week my friend. I hope your New Year is filled with many delights. xxxx

  5. Lol! Love the rock! Won't ask how much it cost?

  6. Ruby, my son said it was a bargain, one place charges $15 per kilogram.......my son used all his Christmas money and paid $60. He could have bought worse things, so I don't mind his passion for fish.

  7. Goodness Jo - You had a wonderfully productive week! I really love the sunlight streaming through those birch trees :-) Your challah looks fine, plaited or not. We love challah in our house!
    And the colour of the dahlia is really lovely. I like the effect you captured in the photo-very nice!
    That's some rock your son has under his bed lol!!
    Well Jo, I pray your new year is a total blessing from God for you and your loved ones..Trish

  8. Jo- you have had a busy week- and everything you did sounds delightful. Your bread is beautiful- there is truly nothing like fresh baked bread! Your flower images are simply stunning- like WOW!!

    I love hearing what you do in your everyday life-- I am wishing for you a New Year filled with rich blessings for you and your family. I am looking forward to another year filled with your intriguing posts - I so enjoy my every visit with you.


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